America Needs Great Awakening

In 2009, the Pentagon conducted a study and determined that 75% of US 18-24 year-olds were unfit for military service. The reasons range from: low education to obesity to criminal records. Moreover, it could be argued that today's generation is less than willing to engage in laborious work; most are too accustomed to comfort and technology. The sad reality is also that sacrifice is not something that this generation has learned very well.
Unfit for cohesive duty in a competitive world, Americans also find themselves more polarized than during the Civil War. We're divided, we're unfit, and we're unmotivated. Since the start of the War on Terror, our rights have been eroded, countless thousands have been killed, all-the-while we argued over graffiti on a wall, snow on a tree, and a slew of other minutiae.
Even as our nation marches into apocalypse in the Middle East, all I notice is concern over Miley Cyrus and Batman. I can't believe I see adults arguing over teenage antics and Hollywood fiction, while few cry out about the military and economic doom that we unleash upon the world, and that we may very soon worsen.
If the situation in the Middle East escalates to its intended extreme, America will find itself embroiled in another Vietnam. The youth of the nation will be drafted, plucked from their lives of digital comfort, and shipped to distant, deadly places. But perhaps a draft is necessary, perhaps our generation does need some great force to check its "moral compass."
Occupy Wall Street was something that some in our generation believed could make our too-big-to-fail capitalist system take a different course, but the Old Guard infiltrated, stifled, and even plotted to shoot prominent Occupy Wall Street activists. While the oppressed Arabs in corporate dictatorships had something to move them, too few Americans are fit for military service, and perhaps an even lower number is fit to occupy a street.
Our Pentagon planners know that we need a great awakening, and they're giving it to us with Syria. The consequences will be mostly intentional, but they will also be largely unpredictable. The America that will come after this war will be as different as the segregated America that existed before the Vietnam War. Women will be in the front lines, and they will also come back in body bags. Gays will make their way through the ranks. The border will be "Berlinized" and the notion of illegal immigrant will be discarded. If all goes according to plan, the people will awaken and demand what our leaders have in store for us.