Barack Obama's Birth Doctor Executed by Drone

Barack Obama's birth doctor was apparently among a dozen people executed this past week by the United States, according to media reports in North Korea. According to the media reports, Obama was born in Kenya and is not eligible to be commander-in-chief of the "American imperialist syndicate and their South Korean puppet traitors." The reports focused on the fact that Obama's mother was 19 when Obama was born, and had not lived in the United States for the requisite number of years needed to confer citizenship on Kenyan-born Barack.
Obama's Kenyan doctor, who had been living under a presumed identity in South Dakota, went on vacation to his native Kenya. Soon after taking off from the airport, a drone delivered a Hellfire missile and erased him from the face of the earth. As is tradition with American drone strikes, no civil rights are afforded to the victim, nor compensation to the family. The American public is often kept in the dark about drone attacks, and even US citizens can be assassinated.
Marines from US Consulate of Kenya destroying evidence.
The family of the taxi driver, who had picked up Obama's doctor purely by coincidence, could be seen crying and wailing for their dead relative in a disorganized manner. One of the relatives of the taxi driver vowed to join Al-Qaeda, and to wage eternal war against the Obama regime.
Soon after the ailing relative vowed to join Al-Qaeda, a bomb is seen landing at the funeral. According to the reports in North Korean media, the US regime would later defend the bombing of the funeral under the guise of their "War on Terror." An unnamed US official said, "anyone who associates with an individual who publicly voices support for Al-Qaeda does so at their own risk." The same unnamed US official stated that copies of Inspire, the Al-Qaeda publication, were found at the site of the funeral.
Vladimir Puskev, a Russian expert on the United States, went on to say: "I find it hard to believe that a doctor would be killed merely because he could claim that he saw Obama being born. The American public is subjected to heavy brainwashing, and evidence means nothing to them. If the trusted doctor of someone who was chosen to be president before birth has indeed been executed by drone, then it most likely means that he was involved in shadowy Washington politics, or that he had information about one of Obama's illegitimate children."