Chief Kessler Murders "Eric" in Effigy

It looks like America's most controversial police chief is back at the YouTube game again. Chief Mark Kessler -- the sole police officer of the small town of Gilberton, Pennsylvania -- released a new video, where he introduces us to a picture of "Insane, Libtard, Clown Eric."

Kessler and Eric, with his gavel
In the video, Chief Kessler accuses Eric of going around "strong-arming people." Chief Kessler then proceeds to tell "Eric" that he is going to introduce him to his friend "who has traveled the world." Chief Kessler then tells us that his friend is "Mr. Kalashnikov," and that he comes from the former Soviet Union.
Kessler takes a stroll in the video, indicating that the video was self-shot and not edited. Kessler was likely just having a little fun by himself. Kessler reminisces about how his first machine gun was an AK-47, and that it is a resilient device. He makes a perfect sales pitch for Soviet-era equipment, instead of for American-made products.
Chief Kessler then says, "Eric is holding his gavel, telling everyone that it's going to be his way. I'm afraid Eric is going to sexually molest me with the handle of that hammer. Eric's charging now. I fear for my safety. He's going to sexually molest me with the handle of it. As he's coming, don't even give him a chance. Just light his fucking ass right up, kill him! Fuck Him!" Chief Kessler then lets off a barrage of gunfire and takes out "Eric."
Chief Kessler then complained about running out of ammunition, reloaded, and bragged about shooting "Eric" in the head. "All the king's horses and all the king's money couldn't put him back together. He hurt his mangina." Chief Kessler then wished all the libtards a fun weekend, despite the video being posted on Monday.
It is uncertain whether Chief Kessler wanted to kill Eric Boxer in the video, or if he was referring to Attorney General Eric Holder. Chief Kessler was previously suspended for another video that he posted, in which he called the Secretary of State "a traitor" and released a barrage of gunfire in response to the UN possibly regulating the international sale of small arms and ammunition. Given current tensions with Syria, the possibility increases daily that John Kerry and Eric Holder will decide that sedition on the part of a police officer is not acceptable.