IDF Soldier Helped Financially-Motivated False Flag Attack

The Jerusalem Post is reporting that Israeli police have arrested an IDF soldier who provided the explosives set to take out a supermarket in Tel Aviv this past March. The bomb was barely detected, thus narrowly avoiding the destruction of the supermarket. Had the bomb successfully exploded, it was set to be blamed on Palestinian terrorists.
However, the detection of the bomb led to the discovery of a fingerprint that later led to three individuals. Two of those individuals have been identified, but the real interest lies in the unidentified individual. According to intelligence sources, the unnamed individual is a member of the Mossad, Israel's secret intelligence agency.
We'll blow up a supermarket and blame it on you.
If the source turns out to be providing accurate information, then it effectively means that Netanyahu has pressing reason to enter into peace talks with the Palestinians. However, it is evident that internal terrorism by extremists or financially-motivated radicals could foil the peace process through false flag attacks, and that the Israeli public must be made skeptical of any charge against a certain group.
In the event that Israel is attacked during the negotiations, or before the vote for the peace agreement, then the people must be made to understand that not all terrorist plots are religiously-motivated. In the event that allegations surface in the future regarding involvement by government elements in terrorist plots, then it can be blamed on a few bad apples who were working for corrupt underworld forces. However, we have no idea how deep this particular conspiracy goes, and the courts will likely face so many restrictions that they will be effectively unable to reveal the ultimate truth. This latest revelation only proves that government elements often take part in terrorist plots; not only in Israel but also in other countries.