Pardoned Spanish Pedophile was Secret Agent

Reports are coming in that Daniel Galván Viña, the pedophile pardoned in Morocco at the behest of the Spanish king, was a former CNI -- National Intelligence Center -- officer during the lead-up to Spain's collaboration in the Bush-led war against Iraq.

When Galván moved to the Moroccan city of Kenitra in 2005, he went posing as a retired Spanish professor. From 1996 to 2002, Galván was employed in the international relations department of the University of Murcia, but it is alleged that he never taught a class; and from 2002-2005, no one knows what exactly he was doing.
Starting in 2005 and culminating with his arrest in 2010, Galván's reign of terror against Morocco's children went largely unnoticed. Spanish sources affirm that Galván informed his lawyer that he was born in Qurna, Iraq -- near Basra -- and that he was a member of the Iraqi armed forces.
The Spanish King's decision to pardon the pedophile is likely to further damage his already-frail image, and will likely lead to repercussions.

Nonetheless, the incident proves the nature of the relationship between Spain and Morocco's intelligence services, and it shows the depths to which the CNI is willing to sink in order to help one of their own: cronyism in Spain has never been higher.
An amazing calm was reported on his face.
It was been mentioned that Galván has expert knowledge in biology, and had involvement in infiltration activities. Information regarding his exact contributions to the CNI remain a mystery, but it is likely that he provided information regarding Saddam's weapons of mass destruction, or lack theoreof.

There is little likelihood that the CNI was not aware that releasing a pedophile would cause an outrage; if they didn't think it would cause an outrage, then we overestimate their intelligence and foresight.

The principle suspicion among experts is that Galván had access to damaging information that he threatened to reveal. Did the CNI know that Saddam had no WMDs? Is Galván -- or whatever may be his real name -- one of the men who can tell us the truth about Spain's decision to join the war? It appears to be so.

What is certain is that Galván will not be sent back to Morocco. Director General Ángel Llorente was quoted as saying: "Not only was it decided that he stays in Spain, but also this appears a very reasonable possibility."

Llorente claims to have no knowledge of Galván's ties to the CNI, but he did not deny the allegation. There is also the possibility that if Morocco does not formalize its extradition request in 40 days, that Galván could be free to rape again.