Obama Regime Begins Using Invention Secrecy Act to Suppress Guns

As I reported back in January, the Obama administration has been stockpiling bullets with the objective of gradually stripping citizens of the ability to defend themselves from an increasingly tyrannical government that no longer abides by any supreme law or notions of fairness. As the bullet supply dries out throughout America, gun owners increasingly find themselves unable to load their guns. Indeed, restricting the bullet supply is the 2nd amendment work-around that our Harvard-constitutional-lawyer-in-chief has ingeniously devised.
Back in May, Defense Distributed received a cease and desist letter from the Justice Department, instructing them to remove from their website the files for the creation of a 3D printed gun. Defense Distributed complied, but the proverbial cat was out of the bittorrent bag, and it can no longer be erased from the internet. Representative Steve Israel would later say: "We shouldn’t make it easier for terrorists and criminals to bring these plastic weapons on to planes."
 With those words, Rep. Israel reminded us that we are at war, and that the wartime provisions of the Invention Secrecy Act could and will be utilized to the fullest extent of the law. So zealous is the government in its suppression of new ideas and inventions, that in 2002 Bush suppressed an invention by Robert Gold that promised to revolutionize wireless communication. The Bush administration feared that the communications protocol would be difficult to tap, and accordingly suppressed the invention under the guise of protecting us from terrorism.
It's impossible to get exact numbers, but Freedom of Information Act requests indicate that since 2007, the government has gone into overdrive. The total number of inventions now suppressed numbers close to 6,000, with some buried under the watchful eye of government for decades. Worse, representative Frank Wolf asked the Patent and Trademark office if national security could include technology with the power to harm the economy. Somewhere, an American bureaucrat is suppressing the power to harness the sun, to break free from oil, because it could upend the current world order, and upending order brings about the death of companies -- something no longer allowed in our 'too big to fail' capitalist system.
However, our capitalist system is threatened by the expiration in 2014 of the patents on laser sintering. Many experts are already predicting a boom in 3D printer technology that promises to undo the current order in ways that the printing press undid the Medieval order. Already individuals are being arrested in order to prevent more technology from empowering the masses. According to a source, the Department of Homeland security has begun suppressing inventions in record droves, especially since the Defense Distributed release, but more so since the shutdown of encrypted email provider Lavabit.
The zealousness with which inventions are being suppressed is so extensive that even inventions that could potentially aid the creation of a threatening invention are being squashed. If you had faith that the economy would revive and that our nation would return to its rightful place as the world's innovation powerhouse, that faith should be questioned. Suppressing inventions to the tune of thousands is unprecedented, and is something that should be relegated to our primitive past.