The Enemy Expatriation Act, or How to Kill an American on Vacation

The United Kingdom and the United States have a special relationship. So special is this relationship that the United States has quietly been trying to pass reciprocity laws that would enable the British to kill American citizens by drone. In 2002, the UK passed laws enabling the Home Secretary to strip without trial or legal defense any citizen who had committed an offense deemed "seriously prejudicial" to the Kingdom.

Bilal al-Berjawi was a citizen of the UK who from babyhood had lived in London. In 2009, Mr. al-Berjawi went to Somalia. A report by the Independent revealed that: "The Bureau has also found evidence that government officials act when people are out of the country – on two occasions while on holiday – before cancelling passports and revoking citizenships...
Citizenship is a privilege not a right. The Home Secretary has the power to remove citizenship from individuals where she considers it is conducive to the public good."
Of course, the revocation of UK citizenship means that the United States can label an individual as an "enemy combatant," assassinate him/her without trial, and it will be in the back of the newspapers a year or two later. Once an individual has been stripped of citizenship, it's neigh impossible for him to return to the UK, to appeal the secret revocation of citizenship. Individuals who have been stripped of citizenship will essentially find themselves in a limbo, one that puts them at the whims of the Disposition Matrix.

There has been no outrage in the UK over the Home Office's actions in sentencing individuals to death through America, and it is the case that the United States wants the UK to kill in its stead. The traitors Joe Lieberman and Charlie Dent co-sponsored The Enemy Expatriation Act, an act which will give the Executive branch the power to assassinate anyone suspected of providing material support to terrorists. Material support can mean money, technical knowledge, or anything, and those enemy terrorist groups are classified.

Let's recall Salim Hamdan, Osama bin Laden's driver. Salim was simply a driver who needed money, and he would eventually be acquitted of terrorist conspiracy. However, Salim was convicted of providing material support, but this conviction was later successfully appealed. It doesn't matter that providing material support was not a crime when Salim was the driver [PATRIOT Act had not been passed,] the government still wanted to go after him, and he spent a good number of years in Guantanamo.

Even if Salim did not know that Osama was a suspected terrorist, he'd still be guilty of providing material support under the PATRIOT Act. If The Enemy Expatriation Act were to eventually pass, an individual like Salim -- even if a US citizen -- could be quietly stripped of citizenship, and then fed to UK drones. A year or two later, we would maybe learn in the papers that a former US citizen was killed by British drones due to suspected terrorism ties. Our Founding Fathers are rolling in their graves, for we're just one act away from being once again British subjects with fewer rights than exist in the Magna Carta.