The Samson Option, or How Israel Plans a Nuclear Winter

The political entity known as Israel considers its existence to be guaranteed not only by virtue of a book of divinations and magick, but also by virtue of a final solution. The Israeli final solution? The guaranteed nuclear destruction of not only perceived enemies, but also friends [Sans Intention Comique] who fail to render aid.

If the existence of Israel were threatened tomorrow, the German-donated Dolphin-class submarines that Israel has in its possession will be used to target cities all across Asia and the Middle East. It may just be the case that Germany has once again provided the means for another Holocaust, this time global. The United States itself would also likely be attacked for failure to prevent the destruction of that political entity created through partitioning by European colonial powers. During the Six Day War in 1967, Israel decided to speed up the inevitable: a massive war with its neighbors.

During that 6-day period, Israel attacked the USS Liberty, sending a direct message that should the world not side with Israel, everyone could be liable to attack. Few observers make the link between the attack on the USS Liberty and the Samson Option, but even the survivors of the USS Liberty attack believe that it was a deliberate act of war by Israel against the United States.

The US learned its lesson, however, and in 1973 quickly came to Israel's aid once it faced annihilation: "The country's military situation following the Egyptian and Syrian surprise attack during the 1973 Yom Kippur holiday was so desperate that Prime Minister Golda Meir -- as intelligence service reports have now revealed -- ordered her Defense Minister Moshe Dayan to prepare several nuclear bombs for combat and deliver them to air force units."

At the time, Israel did not have submarines capable of delivering nuclear weapons, and therefore the threat today of Israel starting a global nuclear holocaust has only increased. That increased threat was none more evident in 1991, when Israel mobilized its nuclear weapons in response to the possibility that Saddam Hussein's Iraqi Army was going to drop chemical weapons on a populated Israeli center, thereby proving that Israelis believe that the best way to deal with a psychopath is by: being a psychopath oneself.

And indeed, there is a reason why we should be petrified of a nuclear Iran. If Iran were to establish a Samson Option of its own, it would mean that a sustained conflict between the two states will plunge the world into a nuclear winter. There is a reason why the Israelis are so afraid of Iran: they fear that the Iranians could threaten the world as callously and as psychopathically as Israel does.

Simply put, the world has to accept Israel's existence because otherwise: Mecca, Ankara, Tehran, Moscow, Rome, Cairo, and an extensive list of other cities will find themselves wiped off the face of the earth, plunging us into a war that will make WWII look like the Pig War of 1859. We can only hope that only one or two cities get nuked before the world steps in to "help" Israel.