Maury Abreu and the Art of the Knife

Paladin Press delivers yet again! This new training video by Maury Abreu is extremely well-timed, especially considering the deteriorating economy and the ensuing crime wave that is certain to continue afflicting the planet. Maury's training techniques are perfect against knife attacks, especially for an unarmed individual.

Maury Abreu is a former US Marine, a former FBP officer, and his "passion for edge weapons combatives" shines through the screen rather naturally. Maury Abreu's moves are dynamic, and perfect for a "volatile collision between two individuals."

I have personally been attacked with a knife before, so it's comforting to know that should it happen again, I will be more prepared. Maury knows that when an opponent is armed with a knife -- as opposed to a clean hand-to-hand scenario -- you have to play by different rules. Most law-abiding folks usually have no more than a Swiss knife or an art knife when confronted by one or more armed combatants. Even for those with a permit to conceal, it's often preferable to disarm an opponent, only reaching for lethal force when absolutely necessary. A jury would look favorably upon a man who, after being attacked with a knife, chose to disarm his opponent, never withdrawing his gun. In this age of frivolous lawsuits, Maury Abreu gives us a layer of extra protection.