Membership in Anonymous Could Constitute 'Aiding the Enemy,' Carry Death Penalty

Anonymous -- or an individual or group calling itself Anonymous -- sent a mass e-mail to individuals with a military e-mail address.

The e-mail read:
"Dear Member of the United States Armed Forces,

Certain elements are calling for an attack on Syria on the grounds of suspected chemical weapons use. The reality is that the state-sponsored terror campaign against Assad's government has not yielded the results that these elements have hoped for and they now seek direct military intervention to reach these goals. The supposed chemical weapon attack is merely a pretext to justify this intervention. There is a possibility that you are going to be involved in a military campaign against Syria and possibly Iran.

The overwhelming majority of American people strongly disagree with the idea of going to war with Syria and/or Iran. Unfortunately, this issue is not being put to a popular vote. In fact, it appears that the President is seeking to launch this campaign without the approval of Congress. It is clear that this administration is willing to act contrary to the wishes of the American People. In this campaign, you would be working together with and supporting Al-Qaeda affiliated groups, because these are the groups that represent the opposition to Assad in Syria. Whether or not you will be personally involved in this campaign, now is the time to voice your concerns about going to war with Syria and/or Iran, if you see anything at all wrong with this situation. You are in a position where you are likely going to have to choose between going against the wishes of the government or going against the wishes of the People.

Expect Us,
If Congress gives Obama permission to go after anyone associated with Syria's WMD program, to start another massive war, then members of whatever organization sent that email could face the death penalty. Eric Holder's Justice Department has already shown that it overuses the Espionage Act of 1917, angrily goes after individuals using arcane laws, and that the same Justice Department believes in Ex parte Quirin -- the belief that even US citizens can be tried by secret military tribunal for conspiring to commit sabotage during wartime. Recently, the same Justice [sic] Department went after a father of four, a little town baseball coach, and charged him with misprision of felony; his crime was to teach someone how to pass a polygraph test. Worse, we live in a time of secret laws, and even if no proof of monetary compensation is given, even if no intent is proven, yet still can an individual can be charged with conversion of government property.