Obama's DNA and the Rise of Personalized Bioweapons

Although the CIA ranks the proliferation of Syria's chemical weapons as one the biggest security threat to the United States, there's is another weapon which poses a threat not necessarily to the masses, but to a specific individual.

Chemical weapons cause panic by indiscriminately killing large numbers of people, but personalized bioweapons promise to cause panic by destabilizing the command structure of the masses. For several years now, the United States has been secretly funding the development of bioweapons.

Leaked diplomatic cables revealed that Secretary of State Clinton issued very adamant "human intelligence directives" ordering her diplomats to collect the DNA of people they encountered.

The United States currently maintains a DNA database of countless citizens as well as foreign leaders and dignitaries. Some experts calculate that bioweapons will be available before Obama is out of office in 2017. Obama employs a team of "navy stewards"  who destroy anything he comes into contact with, or sterilize it in order to neutralize any trace of his DNA.

Some news sources have speculated that interest in Obama's DNA is driven mainly by individuals associated with "birthers," and the implication is made that this is the reason why Obama is paranoid about having his DNA examined.
However, there are reports in the Indian media that China's personalized bioweapons program is 2 to 3 years ahead of the American program. The threat to foreign leaders is very real, and although the US has the biggest database, China has the technical lead. 

In April of this year, a ranking officer of the Chinese Air Force accused the United States of releasing a biological agent upon the Chinese population. His statements highlight the assumptions motivating Chinese military thought, and also serve to hide the nation's own biowarfare program. In 2003, Taiwan found itself in the middle of the SARS epidemic and, "frantic to find a way to lead Taiwan out of its SARS quandary, President Chen Shui-bian uncovered one of the nation’s most jealously kept secrets: the capability of waging biological warfare."

After revealing the existence of the biological warfare division, President Chen ordered them to come to the rescue. President Chen would also later reveal that the division was "set up with the assistance of Israel more than a dozen years ago to produce weapons-grade germs and viruses." 

However, President Chen would also later claim that the division was no longer producing weapons of mass destruction, and was instead focused on defense from a biological attack by mainland China. China, however, does not publicly admit to its bioweapons program; it's as opaque as it's terrifying. Transparency and executive orders are, it seems, American phenomena. 

Though executive order 12333 prevents any official of the United States government from assassinating or conspiring to assassinate a foreign leader, the War on Terror and association with an Al-Qaeda affiliate make this rule null. Obama's drone targeted-assassination program will soon be supplemented by a surreptitious personalized bioweapons program. Other nations suspect just as much, and are secretly racing, like Taiwan, to defend themselves from a rising superpower, while others like North Korea work to defend themselves from a dying superpower.