The Day I Was Confused for Borat

It was Monday morning. Most people work on Mondays, so I take the day to reflect on my freedom. I think a 9-5 is for people too uncreative to find a 0-0. Anyway, there I was, in Denmark. The Danes are stoic, and not particularly outgoing, or so I was told. I needed something that would rile them up, bring out their inner nature; a Borat bikini was the way to go.
I was drinking (surprising, isn't it?) in the Red Light District in Amsterdam when suddenly I come across a Borat bikini. There's a British stag party in Amsterdam everyday, so a Borat bikini is not that out of the ordinary. Now, I donned a Borat bikini in Copenhagen and Danish people would stop me on the bike, say hi to me. I am drunk right now, so I can't write much, I'm just looking for an excuse to share this picture with the rest of the world.
The entire Japanese family thought I was Borat. The mother was telling me that she saw my movie, that she thought it was funny.
Anyway, my friends from Korea are in Amsterdam. After that incident last week in Munich with those 10 German cops, I decided that I wasn't going to drink (a lot.) So, today I'm gonna bring out the bikini again, and goddabit I'm gonna drink a bit!