Zimmerman Drops the Gun

Gilberton police chief Mark Kessler is going to be in the news again. Kessler's termination hearing has been postponed thanks to the "accidental" dropping of a gun by his supporter Dave Zimmerman. Kessler's lawyer now has an idea of the evidence that is to be presented against Kessler, and will be able to better defend him.

Kessler shakes Zimmerman's hand.
The very real likelihood is that Zimmerman, Kessler, and his lawyer colluded to end the hearing early. In the middle of the termination hearing, Dave Zimmerman -- a member of the Constitutional Security Force -- dropped an unloaded pistol. Kessler's lawyer immediately chanced upon the opportunity to end the hearing early, asking that it take place in a larger venue, one where he felt safe.
Joseph Nahas (Kessler's lawyer) shouldn't really have been bothered by a little semiautomatic pistol falling on concrete. After all, he hangs out with Kessler, a man who enjoys shooting and screaming at imaginary "libtards." Not only will Kessler and Nahas now enjoy a larger venue, but they will remain in the news for more time.
As they say in the South "an armed society is a polite society," but it is also a bloodier society. If somebody were to accidentally shoot someone, it would likely take place outside of the courtroom. The number of guns out supporting Kessler were far too many. Some people brought not only handguns, but also machine guns; just to express their love of the 2nd amendment. Not only were members of the Constitutional Security Force out in full force, but also a contingent of truckers. Though the media played down the number of truckers riding around Washington DC, the truth is there were hundreds.
Instead, the media concentrated on the Koch brother's contrived march on the memorials. The mainstream media is completely ignoring the support that Kessler is increasingly getting. Even if Kessler is terminated, we haven't heard the last of him. There will likely be anger, and it may get ugly for the residents of Gilberton. In the same way that the Hutaree militia was infiltrated by the federal government, so too has the CSF been infiltrated. There will come a provocateur, one who helps DHS justify a crackdown on this armed paramilitary group.

Last week I reported that DHS is preparing for food riots across America. My report was dismissed as quackery, with some people claiming that my source had fed me disinformation. A few days after my report, the EBT system went down for what amounted to mere hours. Within those hours, Walmart stores were cleared, and riots almost broke out. If the food stamps were to shut down for three days, groups like the Constitutional Security Force will take control of small towns across America, creating a dangerous situation for the Republic.