The Odyssey of Purchasing a Condom in Korea

I remember sitting through a sex ed class in high school when this fat Puerto Rican guy rips open a condom and slips his big-ass hand inside while proclaiming: "See, these things stretch, your man shouldn't complain about it being too tight." And yes, he was and still is correct, condoms do stretch, but that doesn't mean that you're going to get any friction once the pounding commences. I went through college without realizing just how horrible condoms can truly be. 

So I get to Korea with only the intention of making money. Pussy was supposed to be secondary, but then a few months passed and I went on the prowl. I picked up my first girl, a very worldly Korean chick. On the way to my studio, we stopped by the Family Mart and I grabbed the first box of condoms on the shelf. In America and Europe I never had to think about it, any box worked. 

We jump into my bed and I start getting dirty, dig through the pubic hair, find the clit, and finger her until she was decently wet. It took a few tries before I managed to put the condom on, but eventually managed to get it on. I start pounding missionary and she goes into one of those moaning sessions that porn movies warned me about. I kept pounding and pounding, but I felt nothing. The condom was too tight, my foreskin was getting no love. 

After 20 minutes I finally realized what was happening, so I started pounding so hard our hip bones were getting abused. A few minutes later I was exhausted, and not very satisfied. I am too much of a cheapskate to throw something out that still sorta works, so I finished the box of condoms, and then got a different one at the Family Mart. The second box also did nothing for me. The third box from the Seven Eleven also did nothing for me. I was beginning to grow frustrated, didn't even want to have sex. It was too much to work 12 hours a day and then wander a foreign city in Asia, trying to find a well-fitting condom, especially because there's only a few different conglomerate-owned corner stores.

I eventually figured out that I needed to add lube to the inside of the condom. I went pharmacy to pharmacy, until I found a clerk who spoke English and was able to supply me with a box of lube that looked more like toothpaste than anything. There weren't many sex shops in Seoul, it wasn't until after a year there that I got around to finding one on the other side of the city. 

The lube inside of the condom kinda did it, but it still wasn't enough. I hit up the sex shop and went straight for a condom box with a picture of a horse, and thought I had found salvation. But nothing, it was still too tight. Eventually I just decided to order a box from the US, but I didn't know my home address, and everything we got was delivered to our school. Fortunately the box was a nondescript, discreet package. After months of trying all the condoms in Seoul, I understood that there was just nothing good for a mildly-endowed guy. I'm not a mandingo, my dick is under six and a half inches, so I can safely warn any brother over 6 inches to bring his own equipment. Any brother with a thick member should also travel with a box of condoms. Either that, or make friends with someone in the military who can hook you up with condoms from base.