American Women: Too Dangerous to Date

America has a culture of guns, big cars, fireworks on the 4th of July, and according to many writers working to "take down the patriarchy," America also has a "rape culture." The problem of rape in America is so serious that many college campuses expel a student accused of rape even if a prosecutor is unwilling to press charges due to lack of evidence. 

Because most universities receive federal funds, they are obligated to establish campus courts which use a lower standard of proof than one would expect from a Soviet show trial. 83% of the courts are staffed with women, and if the possibility exists that the individual could have raped his victim, that individual can be expelled from campus and have his life destroyed.

The Obama administration has changed the definition of the word "discrimination" to such an extent that a single drunken allegation equates a violation of Title IX, the 40-year-old law that simply states: "No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance."

Obama's expanded "understanding" of Title IX makes it such that a male student should find it more prudent to date a woman outside of his university, relegating classmates to the same level as federal co-workers. The same federal government that was empowered at first to prosecute only traitors, pirates, and counter-fitters, now heavily regulates crimes in the bedrooms of many of its citizens.

After much pressure from Title IX enforcers, Yale released a list of sexual scenarios that could be interpreted as rape: "Tyler and Jordan are both drinking heavily at an off-campus event. Tyler becomes extremely drunk. Jordan offers to take Tyler home. On the way, Tyler has trouble walking, and makes several wrong turns. Once in Tyler’s room, Jordan initiates sexual activity. Tyler looks confused and tries to go to sleep. Jordan has sex with Tyler. 
There was no consent to have sex. A person who is incapacitated—lacking the ability to make or act on considered decisions to engage in sexual activity—cannot give consent. The UWC penalty would be expulsion."

The smartest thing to do when drinking heavily off-campus is to walk back to your dorm room on your own, and to make a habit of it. If, for example, Tyler would have smashed a bottle in the back of Jordan's head, it is unlikely that she would have been expelled. There is no Title IX to protect a guy that gets his skull cracked by a woman, but thankfully that doesn't happen often. Most women are actually quite nice.

So you meet one of the nice ones -- who's not on a vindictive vendetta because she regrets the sex and feels dirty -- and you knock her up. If she wants to have an abortion, she can do that at any moment, but if the man wants to disavow paternity before the child is born, he does not have that right.  Men in the United States do not enjoy legal paternal surrender.

If she gets pregnant, you're hers for the next 18 years. Though debtor's prisons were supposed to have been eliminated in the 1800s, the American Civil Liberties Union is concerned that they are still alive and well, with one example being James Harris: "Mr. Harris’s case presents a modern case of  'debtors prison,' incarcerating someone for inability to pay. James Harris was under court order to pay child support for two minor children. In 2007, Harris lost his job. He tried, unsuccessfully, to modify his child support order based on his unemployment. Evidence supports that Harris spent three years diligently trying to find employment, to no avail. In July 2010, Harris was charged with two felony counts of failure to pay child support. Harris plead guilty in exchange for probation. However, one of the terms of his probation was to pay the back child support he owed, and which Harris was still unable to pay. In March 2011, even though he had finally found a job, the trial court found that Harris had violated probation. Harris was sentenced to one year in prison on one of the counts, and the other count was stayed (so that when Harris finally gets out the probation will continue)."

One is only glad that Mr. Harris did not have any scary-looking tattoos, or he could have spent that year in solitary confinement for suspicion of gang affiliation. In a country where criminal background checks follow people forever and in all ways, felons are unlikely to get hired, perpetuating a life-cycle of poverty and incarceration. In a country where ambulances charge upwards of thousands of dollars and where a broken rib can easily cost a person 10,000 dollars, there is absolutely no sympathy.

But beyond being followed for life by a criminal record, debt-felons in the US can be: denied voting rights, have their passports revoked, and driver's licenses cancelled. In the land of the free, the horny are easy to entrap and enslave. Even a hard-working father can be jailed for failure to pay what the court thinks he has the potential to pay. Though there is no doubt that women are discriminated against in many ways, it appears that some men are being oppressed by a system that believes that a child is better off with a father in prison than with a dead-beat father nearby.