Saudi Arabia: America's Next Great Enemy

In November of last year, Obama predicted: "That sometime very soon we’re going to have a female president." Indeed, it currently seems as if the most talked-about aspirants for the presidency in 2016 are: Hillary Clinton, Chis Christie of New Jersey, and Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Chris Christie's unhealthy obesity and hypocritical stance on marijuana make him a hard sell to the liberal and libertarian waves currently sweeping through the Blue/Green states. Thus, Obama's prediction may come sooner than most people expect. 

A female commander-in-chief is unlikely to be as sympathetic to Saudi endeavors as her male predecessors, and indeed Saudi/American relations have been deteriorating over the past months due to Obama's unwillingness to unilaterally aid the Kingdom's proxy war against the government of Bashar Al-Assad in Syria, and also because of increasing rapprochement between the Obama administration and Iran. Moreover, revelations about Saudi involvement in the terrorist attacks of September the 11th promise to further strain relations.

An enmity, years delayed
Weeks after Obama made his prediction about the United States electing a female president, the NY Post published a scathing article -- Inside the 9/11 Coverup -- where they reported on the 28 pages that were redacted at Bush's order from Congress' investigate report, the report used to denounce anyone who questions the government's official story as to what happened on September the 11th.

According to the official story, the attacks were carried out by Al-Qaeda, without a foreign government's help; though the Taliban tribal government of Afghanistan was not involved in the attacks, tribal custom made Afghanistan the perfect place for Al-Qaeda to seek shelter, and anyone willing to provide safe harbor to a terrorist organization was placed on The White House's Disposition Matrix.

The NY Post reported that lawmakers who read the 28 classified pages were dismayed at the level of involvement by a state they cannot mention. However, leaked FBI and CIA memos cited in the classified pages point to "incontrovertible evidence" that officials of the Saudi government provided logistical and financial help to the hijackers who carried out the attacks which plunged us into the War on Terror. 

In 2003, Salon reported that CIA interrogators learned from Abu Zubaydah that: "Four Saudi princes and the head of Pakistan’s Air Force were deeply involved with Osama bin Laden for years... four of the five supposed conspirators died under strange circumstances... Shortly after the U.S. inquiry [to Saudi and Pakistani intelligence regarding the confession by Zubaydah] Prince Ahmed, age 43, died unexpectedly of a heart attack. On the way to Ahmed’s funeral the next day, Prince Sultan al-Saud was killed in a single-car crash. A week later the third prince Zubaydah had fingered, Fahd al-Kabir , was found dead 55 miles east of Riyadh — according to the Saudi royal court he’d 'died of thirst' while traveling in the summer heat. Seven months later Pakistani air force chief Mir, his wife and 15 of his closest associates died in a plane crash near Islamabad."

The very fact that Bush felt it necessary to censor 28 pages from the congressional report is proof that we have not been told the full story of 9/11. Were the Saudi officials who helped the hijackers rogue agents; rogues which the Saudi monarchy allowed the CIA to assassinate? If indeed those now-dead Saudi officials were acting independently and without knowledge of their government, does their death justify no US invasion of Saudi Arabia? The White House invaded Iraq without incontrovertible evidence of Iraqi aggression, and I believe that the American public would have been willing to invade Saudi Arabia shorty after the attacks against the Homeland.

The 28 pages of Congress' report, once declassified, will leave open more questions than they will answer. I doubt that we will get answers to those questions from this president, but America's next [female] president may be faced with having to answer some of those questions. In the end, America will be forced to ask itself why it supports a barbaric theocracy which relegates women to the ranks of serfdom. The stage has been set, and she will have to act, lest she be seen as weak.