"Dutch Immigration Officer Asked me to Abort My Mixed-race Child -- I Did!"

I had difficulty carrying out this interview. Sandra [not real name] wept as she told the story. 

She met Frank two years ago while he was on a student visa. They used protection and she was taking anti-conception pills, but somehow it failed, and when she realized she was pregnant he was already on his way out. "Frank was a standup guy, he offered to do the right thing."

"I went to the IND office; the first time the immigration officer informed me that I was not earning enough. I was 40 euros short."

"It would be better for you if you asked for a raise," the immigration officer told Sandra. 

"I did ask my boss for a raise, but I was ongelukkig."

"The second time I went alone, Frank had already left. I said to the immigration officer: 'I can't pay 1250 euros for the application, this is discrimination against the poor.'"

"When I said that, the immigration officer became furious, she gave me a stern look and asked, 'why don't you just have an abortion?'"

"I shut down, I just nodded, I felt a complete and utter hopelessness overtake me. I walked away and murdered my unborn daughter."

"I go to bed every night tortured by the thought of what she'd have looked like. The government asked me to murder my daughter over 40 euros!"