Racism Endemic in Dutch Police Force; Falsified Statements, Murdered Citizens

Poor and Moroccan? Wanna give an affidavit? Tough!

I'm a US citizen with a Yale degree. But I look like a poor Moroccan. On a nearly constant basis, I notice Dutch policemen give me a homicidal stare. I see nothing but hate and murder in their eyes. 

On a Monday two years ago, I went to the Diemen police station. I had been the victim of a break-in. All of my belongings were stolen. Naturally, I was prevented from filing an affidavit. Preventing someone from filing an affidavit is a common law crime; any officer who prevents an affidavit from being filed thus becomes an accessory to ALL of the crimes which were being reported. 

So, just which crimes did I go to report to a Dutch police station? Illegal entrance, blackmail, conversion and theft of US government property. There are policewomen in the Netherlands currently employed who have willfully permitted the theft and conversion of US government property.

In an e-mail to the US Senate, I wrote: "Conversion and theft of government property are the same crimes Snowden was charged with; if this is allowed to stand, the Snowdens of the world will continue acting with impunity." I heard back from some Senators, and the situation is grave indeed.

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There is nothing but panic among the citizenry. As it stands, people are being murdered by the police in the streets. The crime rate remains low because people are afraid to report crimes.  Immigrants are forced to provide an address before reporting a crime, even if homeless. Essentially, no homeless individual can report a crime against his person.

The Dutch government is building centers to house refugees. It may seem ridiculous in the 21st century, but people are afraid of being gassed and cremated. The police are supposed to protect the citizenry, but we feel nothing but fear.