Dutch Police Have Summoned Me for Writing "Offensive Material"

On the 2nd of July, I wrote an article - Dutch Policewoman Lied for me, Helped me Gain Acquittal -- an opinion article where the word "opinion" is explicitly used, and where I write: 
"With great help from [name removed; threats against my person have been made,] the most corrupt cunt in Europe; in my opinion. it's my opinion, which I'm legally allowed to express in this great, liberal country!"

It's my right to be angry, there have been inconsistencies committed by the Dutch police at every step of my interactions with them. Even when I was the victim of a serious crime and I went to report the felonies against me, I was denied the right to file an affidavit. In essence, Dutch police are cooking the stats by preventing poor minorities from filing affidavits, using coercive and intimidating tactics. 

So, now that I've finally started reporting everything that is happening not only to me, but to countless other poor, brown Moroccan males in this country,  [censored] from the Linnaeustraat Police Station has sent me a letter, telling me that I must present myself before the same police station where Officer [name removed; threats against my person have been made,] works. 

I don't reside in Amsterdam, so this is in my opinion clearly an intimidation tactic to keep me from writing. In a manner worst than the Soviet Union, I have been informed that I must cover the cost of a lawyer myself. More terrifying, the letter explicitly informed me that I cannot summon a lawyer during the middle of the interrogation, should it become hostile or abusive. There are reports in this country of poor Moroccan males being punched in the ribs and forced to give a specific statement.

Thus, if the investigation becomes hostile, and I possibly become the victim of a brutal beating, like many of the other brown individuals in this country, they can tell me that I don't have the right to call a lawyer. Yes, this is explicitly written in the letter, I'm simply not allowed to call for a lawyer during the middle of a brutally coercive interrogation.

Now, I will be fair, it's not just controversial American writers who are being summoned by the Dutch police. Just recently, Geert Wilders -- leader of one of the far-right parties here in the Netherlands -- was summoned by the police for standing before a crowd and asking: "Would you like fewer Moroccans or more Moroccans?"

The prosecutors want to charge Mr. Wilders with "inciting hate." If you thought that the Netherlands was one of the most tolerant countries in the world, with the strongest protection for freedom of speech, you were wrong! On any given day, Donald Trump accuses undocumented Mexicans of being "rapists," but the supposedly most-radical politician in the Netherlands is constantly being harangued by prosecutors who police his speech. 

Now that I've started writing about the crimes of the Dutch police -- the chained dragging of a minor, their abuse of Moroccans -- now I must be summoned to answer questions about "offensive" material which I'm allegedly posting on this website.