Biological Genocide: The War Within Us Must Be Stopped

As we progress as a society, it is important to open our eyes to the dangers of speciesism. Everyday, the world kills: animals, plants, fungus, archaea, and bacteria in the foolish belief that human beings are more important than the lives we so wantonly destroy. 

Human beings have come to believe that they are more important than any other of God's creatures. 

We harvest plant life to sustain ourselves despite new scientific findings that suggest that plants feel pain. This is sick, human beings are destroying plant populations in order to prolong their own selfish existences!

How dare they!? All of life must be treasured and considered holy. Every living thing on earth has a soul that must be allowed to perpetuate unfettered. 

Murphy suffers when you eat broccoli
Yet, everyday we see vegetarians -- or, worse, vegans -- kill countless plant life whenever they eat. At least with carnivorous humans, the total number of organisms murdered is lower. In order to get the nutrients of one cow, a vegan would have to consume up to 3,241 heads of broccoli. Isn't that despicable?

Now, I am not arguing for anyone to kill another living thing... far from it! All I am saying is that vegans are OBJECTIVELY worse than meat-eating humans due to the number of organisms they kill in order to live. 

What is even worse about vegans is that their immune systems are typically stronger than the average meat-eater. This means that everyday a vegan's body kills several million more innocent bacterial cells than a typical meat eater's body.

Can you imagine being an innocent bacteria struggling for enough nutrients to survive and replicate, when all of a sudden you are transferred to a vegan's body and destroyed by their careless and cruel macro-phages?

The bacteria is innocent in all of this! They had no control over where they went.

Bacteria didn't land on a vegan body, vegan bodies landed on them! 

Human beings even claim that antibiotics are a boon to modern civilization! At no other time in history have humans so carelessly and cruelly killed life on earth than in modern times. Modern medicine should be ashamed of itself!

Now, most human beings are guilty of this cruel and wanton slaughter of innocent life, but there is a movement within humanity that is gaining traction to combat these atrocities. This movement is called Breatharianism and it is the only moral choice for human beings spiritually-evolved enough to see the evil of our immune systems.

Breatharians believe that human beings can exist on nothing but prana (the vital life force of all things.)

Convert to breatharianism! It is the only moral choice that respects all life.