Refugees Fear Internment Camps in the Netherlands

I was born in the Dominican Republic. Not everyone born in the Dominican Republic is a Dominican citizen, and at no point in time have I shown any documents to the Dutch police potentially indicating that I am a Dominican citizen. Quite the contrary, all of my documents clearly indicate that I am a US citizen.

Nonetheless, last month I received a letter from the Dutch police, asking me to answer questions regarding an "offensive" article I had allegedly written. In that article, I criticized the constant falsification of statements to which poor, minority suspects are subjected to in the Netherlands. 

In the letter that I received from the Dutch police, I was identified as Dominican citizen, despite me having shown a European identity card to them clearly identifying me as a US citizen. It thus becomes apparently clear that the Dutch police believe that jus soli overrides jus sanguinis

The shameful part about the Dutch police forces treating anyone born in the Dominican Republic as a Dominican citizen is the fact that the Netherlands is currently engaging in the mass deportation of individuals who were born in the Netherlands. 

Those individuals being deported by Dutch authorities are from Colombia, Morocco, and other poor countries; the Dutch immigration authorities are extremely disturbed by people born in the Netherlands whose parents are not "Dutch." 

Despite these individuals being born here and graduating high school with honor, racist Dutch judges still decide to deport them to countries which they have never visited.

Indeed, Dutch police feel impunity when it comes to their interactions with individuals born in "developing" countries. 

When Dutch police interact with an individual, they immediately ask, "where were you born?" and depending on the visa agreement which those countries enjoy with the Netherlands, their treatment can be either extremely pleasant or subhuman.

Dutch police often set up immigrant raids outside of supermarkets, going up to individuals who are of brown skin and asking them, "where were you born?" 

I remember one time being pulled over outside of the supermarket by a tall, blond cop who was just seething racial hate out of his eyes. I was biking on the 5 block-wide island of Ijburg, and when I responded, "I was born in the Dominican Republic," he began to smile with the same diabolical joy you would expect from an SS agent stomping on the cranium of a Jewish baby. 

He was as happy as I have ever seen an Aryan, and indeed in the Netherlands there are fears within the immigrant community that internment camps are being built. The situation is so serious that a German court decided in March of last year to prevent the deportation of a refugee from Germany to the Netherlands because they feared he would receive "inhumane treatment."

Yes, the country which is host to the International Criminal Court is also a country to which refugees are not deported by the same country which would have exterminated them just several decades ago. 

Though the Netherlands primarily seeks to export an image as a "tolerant" nation, refugees are suffering in fear of being discarded in internment camps, and German courts are agreeing.