Dutch Police Shoot Refugee Outside of Asylum Center

Another incident likely to further inflame tensions in the Netherlands, as a 27-year-old Cameroonian man was gunned down by police outside of a center for asylum seekers in Winterswijk. A terrifying video recorded by a resident of the area shows police shouting "get down" after firing what they described as a "warning shot."

Ten second after the first shot, another shot is fired. Twelve seconds after that, another shot is fired, and soon thereafter, another. A motorcycle cop races in front of the camera, riding at high speed on the sidewalk.

The entire video resembles scenes you would expect from America, and confusion still abounds. It is not exactly clear whether the 27-year-old man was struck by the first "warning" bullet, or if he was struck by a subsequent bullet. Tight privacy laws means that the exact health status of the shooting victim is not being revealed. According to NRC, the man was shot in the leg, and police are not revealing why he "freaked out."

Police told the Gelderlander that the man had vandalized a car and threatened people with a weapon in his hands, but they failed to reveal what that "weapon" was.

Nonetheless, residents of the asylum center told the Omroepgelderland that the man was brandishing a fire extinguisher.

This latest incident is likely to further antagonize the immigrant community in the Netherlands. Just last month, parts of the Hague were burning with riots after the death of Mitch Henriquez, an Aruban man on vacation. In that case, video evidence proved that police lied about the manhandling which led to his death.

Police alleged that Mr. Henriquez became ill while en route to the police station, and that they tried to administer CPR in the vehicle. The officers in that case were subsequently charged.

The Gelderlander reports that this shooting is being investigated by the National Police, and for that reason they are reluctant to release information. The investigation is likely to take months.

During those months, more negative press will be distributed against refugees. Already, most of the media is referring to the man as "crazed," and not a single one of them has asked if the man was suffering from a PTSD episode, or if he had experienced a negative reaction to medication. Nope! He's simply crazed and the media is reporting that the people are being protected by the police.