Cunt of the Week: Dutch Newspaper Editor, Michel Krielaars

NRC, one of the main newspapers in the Netherlands, just published an article titled -- Nigger, Are You Crazy? -- which has Twitter exploding with rage, particularly because the article featured an offensive caricature of blacks, or negers, as we affectionately call them here in the Netherlands.

This article headline by NRC follows the pattern of writers in the Netherlands using insulting words and offensive headlines to generate outrage and acquire page hits. There is currently a wave of callousness sweeping over people in the Netherlands; nothing is sacred anymore, not even the King.

Many people on Twitter are alleging that the headline by NRC is the latest example of the brutal lack of sensitivity present in Dutch society. I completely agree. That fucking cunt, Michel Krielaars, should have been more fucking aware of how wrong it is to use words which bring up painful memories of rape at the hands of slave-drivers.

Speaking to the Washington Post, that cunt Michel Krielaars said, "The drawings are a literal illustrations of ‘stereotype’ and ‘white’ aggression, the above mentioned books are dealing with. They are ugly, unkind, and offensive – and they are meant to be, because they cover the content of the reviewed books. Of course, they were not intended to offend."

So, which one is it, stupid cunt? If the drawings are "ugly" and "offensive," could it have actually not been expected that people would get offended? 

Michel Krielaars was too much of a weak-ass cunt to man-up to his words, and for that, Abreu Report is proud to present him with the second weekly "Cunt of the Week Award."