Dutch Police Target Peaceful Protesters of "Negroid Appearance"

Just 4 days ago, I wrote an article -- Refugees Fear Internment Camps in the Netherlands -- in which I reported that police in the Netherlands routinely establish checkpoints outside of supermarkets, targeting individuals who appear to be born outside of the country. 

I myself was the victim of such an incident, and I reported 4 days ago: "I remember one time being pulled over outside of the supermarket by a tall, blond cop who was just seething racial hate out of his eyes. I was biking on the 5 block-wide island of Ijburg, and when I responded, 'I was born in the Dominican Republic,' he began to smile with the same diabolical joy you would expect from an SS agent stomping on the cranium of a Jewish baby."

Jan Trommelen, a journalist on the island of Ijburg where that incident took place, simply tweeted in response to my article: "Please go to your shrink and ask for better medication."

Most people in the Netherlands are adamant about one thing: the lack of racism in their "tolerant" society. However, a recent report by NRC proves just how racist the Dutch police are in their profiling of individuals and with regards to the direct, blunt interrogations which they routinely carry out.

NRC, which just last week gained notoriety in the Washington Post for its article -- Nigger, Are You Crazy? -- in which a racist caricature was used, reported that police in the city of Gouda approached individuals at a Sinterklass event merely because of their "negroid appearance."

In their report, and in their own words, the Dutch police wrote: "We spoke to those people and heard that they did not answer simple questions like, 'Where do you come from and what are you doing here or what is your intention?' We also saw several people with a negroid appearance gathering between the stage and the media."

So, not only do the Dutch police admit to targeting individuals because of their "negroid appearance," but they also report feeling "insecurity" when individuals wear shirts that say "no to racism."

Sinterklass is the Dutch version of Santa Claus, but with one caveat: instead of elves, Sinterklass has assistants in black face, wearing red lipstick, afro wigs, and hoop earrings; a remnant of the Dutch legacy of slavery. There is simply no more brutally racist minstrel character in this world which is as popular as Zwarte Piet, or Black Pete, as the Dutch call him.

So, at an event where a minstrel caricature is being paraded, Dutch police became nervous when they saw black people who were not with their families. After all, what are black people without families doing at an event full of good, Dutch white families enjoying a good ole' fashion minstrel show?

Surely those negroids must be planning some trouble! 

A Zwarte Piet video parodying Gangnam style currently has racked up over 17 million views, in a country that has fewer than 17 million souls.