The Fall of Hogan, the Death of America

Hulk Hogan has been erased from existence! A man who was once as recognizable as Michael Jackson, whose face was known worldwide, has been reduced to a teary sap on morning television.

He's no longer mentioned by the Hall of Fame of the World Wrestling Federation -- as I still prefer to call the WWE -- and new history books by the WWE will make no mention of Hogan. The man who helped the WWF grow into the global behemoth that is the WWE will no longer be even given a footnote in the history books of that organization.

Am I, as a black man, supposed to be happy that the use of racist remarks in private by a celebrity results in their utter erasure from history?
There is a reason why Donald Trump may very well become the next President of the United States: many Americans realize the system is rotten at the core, and should be upturned. America has become a place where violence is overlooked, where "offensive" statements from a decade ago can more easily destroy a suspected murderer than the very act of killing.

Al Capone is alleged to have said: "You can get more with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word."

If Mr. Capone were alive today, perhaps he'd say something along the lines of: "Always make sure you use kind words when using a gun."

America is now the land of Jeremy Meeks -- the man described by People Magazine as a "hottie thug" -- who was just recently convicted to 27 months in prison for felony gun possession, the very same man who'd previously spent 9 years in prison for Grand Theft Auto. Police suspect Meeks was part of a gang that committed a string of armed robberies and murders, but the man is soon to be a model.

Stockton PD
His mugshot was such a success with the American media and public, that even some of my own female friends on Facebook wrote: "Damn, kidnap me!" The publicity that his mug shot generated led to Meeks being offered a modeling contract. Money and fame awaits his after he leaves prison for his crimes.

Hollywood Life reported: "The picture that the Stockton Police Department posted after the arrests, and the one that’s gone viral, has been liked over 65,000 times and counting! Jeremy is 6’1 and 170 pounds and ladies must have a thing for this bad boy!"

So, American ladies have a thing for bad boys, but only if those bad boys are of mixed-heritage or haven't been caught on tape making offensive statements. Trump's followers are angry, they know America is full of hypocrisy, but maybe they just don't see how structurally fundamental the problem is to the country's current psychology.  

Meeks could gain more sympathy if he were to say: "If people were judged because of who they shot or jacked a couple of years ago, it'd be a sad America."