ISIS Feeds Two Men to Dog

Gruesome scenes emerged from the Islamic State today, with heavily-armed men catching two suspected petty thieves in the middle of the act and immediately implementing their barbaric version of Sharia law.

While one man screamed for mercy in Arabic, an ISIS soldier grabbed his leg and instructed the dog to eat. The dog tore a substantial chunk off the man's leg, leaving him with catastrophic nerve damage.

After the dog had finished ripping the first suspect's leg to pieces, the dog was instructed to feed on the arms of the other suspect. As the man saw his arms ripped to pieces, the ISIS soldier screamed in Arabic: "I think he's ready to feed again, he's ready to feed again!"

The two men screamed in agony, and were later taken to a hospital where they were paraded in front of other ISIS soldiers. They were later forced to pay a Sharia court for their trial.

Barbaric? Absolutely!

Except, it didn't happen in Syria. This incident took place in Florida, and it involved not soldiers of a barbaric, apocalyptic cult, but sworn members of the Broward Sheriff's office.

Dogs are considered unclean in Islam, so not even ISIS would lower itself to this level. This is an incident so barbaric and disrespectful not only to human but also canine life, that you'd expect it out of North Korea, not the "Land of the Free."