Assassination of Donald Trump Could Usher Martial Law, Civil War

Back in October, state-funded Telesur TV published an article reporting on a rumor that El Chapo Guzman -- the notorious leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, who just earlier this year escaped from maximum-security confinement -- had potentially placed a 100 million dollar bounty on the head of Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump. This followed a July tweet by someone claiming to be the son of El Chapo which threatened to make Trump "swallow his own words."

Telesur TV reported that various sources close to the drug kingpin confirm his deep disdain for Trump. The Sinaloa Cartel is known to infiltrate governments and execute politicians who pose a threat to the organization's bottom line, but this is difficult at the federal level in the United States due to the continuous surveillance that some federal employees are under at any point in time by the numerous internal and external US spy agencies. Nonetheless, Telesur TV did successfully highlight a concern: there are individuals who want to assassinate Donald Trump, and some of them have unlimited resources.

Just one month after Telesur TV told the entire hitman world that El Chapo could possibly be willing to give them 100 million for taking out Mr. Trump, he received protection from the United States Secret Service. Thus, assassinating Trump has become an increasingly more difficult task, but recent prostitution and alcoholism scandals involving the Secret Service, and the multiple security lapses which have threatened President Obama's life, make it likely that Trump's safety is not actually that guaranteed. 

A recent Wall Street Journal article describes a Secret Service that is "in crisis," with lapses so serious that "a Czech citizen with an expired visa was able to enter the property of a former president and remain undetected for almost an hour" due to an alarm system which had not functioned in over a year.

In essence, there has been in the United States a willful neglect of Presidential security and almost no oversight of the Secret Service; meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security continues to amass an arsenal to be used in the event of a national insurrection, and the Pentagon conducts drills on American soil for that very eventuality.

The Guardian reported some months ago that the Pentagon was "preparing for mass civil breakdown" and that wargames being conducted by the military were "consistent with a raft of Pentagon planning documents which suggest that National Security Agency mass surveillance is partially motivated to prepare for the destabilizing impact of coming environmental, energy, and economic shocks."

In the aforementioned Guardian article, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, an international security journalist, made the argument that: "In their unswerving mission to defend an increasingly unpopular global system serving the interests of a tiny minority, security agencies have no qualms about painting the rest of us as potential terrorists."

By 2008, the Pentagon had already released plans to have "20,000 uniformed troops inside the United States by 2011 trained to help state and local officials respond to a nuclear terrorist attack or other domestic catastrophe." This represented a sevenfold increase in a mere few years.

Trump piƱata. Facebook
Fast forward to the end of 2015, and America has witnessed a decay in social order: many citizens don't trust the police, the main Republican candidate, Donald Trump, is a hated man with a target on his back, and several cities have descended into chaos over shootings involving US police forces.

The establishment is pumping up Donald Trump all-the-while feeding right wing hysteria. As history has proven, killing a dangerous demagogue doesn't always kill the demagogue's base, but instead creates a martyr and may spur a violent counter-response. 

The house of straws has been put up for display and all America needs is a bullet in the breeze for everything to collapse into place. We may very well be looking at the bloodiest period in American history since the Civil War.