Dutch Police Officers Brutalize American Reporter; Far-right Infiltration Feared in Ranks

Police in Rotterdam yesterday are alleged to have brutalized Kevin P. Roberson, the chief individual behind The Roberson Report, while he reported on a counter-demonstration by Pegida, the far-right, German-founded anti-Islamic movement.

Injuries inflicted by police. Roberson Report
Mr. Roberson was unlawfully detained by Dutch police for reasons that have not been made fully clear. During the arrest, Mr. Roberson's wrists were savagely cuffed, nearly cutting off the circulation to his hands. Mr. Roberson repeatedly asked for medical help, but this request was denied. Mr. Roberson also repeatedly requested that he be allowed to call a lawyer, but these requests were denied for an extended period of time, resulting in his detention exceeding the lawful number of hours that someone can be detained without charges or seeing a judge/police-rector.

After finally being allowed to contact a lawyer, the barrister informed Mr. Roberson that he had been placed under arrest for "refusing to show his press card." Mr. Roberson claims that this is a flat out lie, as he always wears his press card around his neck, since he is often harassed by Dutch police.

Injuries inflicted by police. Roberson Report
At the police station, officers falsified the statement Mr. Roberson had given them, and when he requested that changes be made, they began to animalistically assault him. One officer placed Mr. Roberson in a strong chokehold, another punched him in the stomach and ribs, while a third one tried to rip his hair out. After Mr. Roberson began crouching, possibly losing consciousness, he was brutally thrown across his cell like a rag doll by the overpowering officers. 

Right forehead, second injury. Roberson
The officer who placed him in the chokehold then began to smash his head into the ground while proclaiming: "This is for my daughter!"

Mr. Roberson, an American man of mixed descent, clearly stood out in the crowd of neo-Nazis, so it's not surprising that police immediately noticed him. But what did the assaulting officer mean when he said, "this is for my daughter?"

For the past few months I have been receiving very disturbing reports that the Dutch police ranks have been infiltrated by a right-wing cabal. A few months ago, Abreu Report published an article -- "Ijburg Police Anally Brutalized Me" -- where we reported on Mr. Gonzalez [not real name.]

Mr. Gonzalez was riding his bicycle at night on the tiny, 5-block-wide island of Ijburg, when he was stopped by Dutch police officers for failure to turn on his lights, a minor infraction which results in a 50 euro fine for the average white Dutch person. Mr. Gonzalez, however, was brown and undocumented, so the incident escalated into a home invasion and rape.  

Though the Netherlands was once seen as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance, the rise of Geert Wilders and his anti-immigrant party have led to the passing of laws which force the local cop on the beat to report to immigration authorities, similar to how it's done in Arizona under Joe Arpaio's regime. More worryingly, members of Mr. Wilders' party are over-represented in the Dutch police forces by a wide margin. The situation is not too different in Germany.

From 2000 to 2007, a group calling itself the Nationalist Socialist Underground [NSU] carried out a laundry list of assaults, bombings, and shootings targeting individuals of Turkish background. The victims were shot point-blank using Czech-made CZ 82 pistols employing silencers. Given the highly visible nature of the murders, the shared identity of the victims, and the weapon of choice, it should have stood to reason that some government agency would be able to connect the dots, and indeed that was the case. 

However, the public may never know just how aware German intelligence was of the NSU, since they shredded all the documents once the organization's existence became public: "Germany's domestic intelligence agency destroyed files relating to the case in November 2011 after the NSU activities became public. Members of the German parliament's investigative committee into the NSU told the media earlier this week that the intelligence agency had destroyed files on an operation to recruit far-right informants."
Members of the NSU. Spiegel

What we know for certain is that the far-right was being recruited, that documents were shredded, and that no one at the top was named and shamed, much less indicted or convicted. Today, Pegida, the German far-right group, can walk with police protection in the streets of Rotterdam while Dutch cops beat unsuspecting brown Americans for daring to intrude.