CIA Raising Paramilitary Voodoo Army to Wage Proxy Conflict

In 2011, after 25 years in exile, Jean-Claude Duvalier, the former dictator of Haiti, returned to Port-Au-Prince, the Caribbean country's capital. When Duvalier, better known as Baby Doc, arrived in Haiti 5 years ago, human right groups called for his incarceration, with the corporate media actually promoting it as a possibility.

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Baby Doc allegedly died a peaceful death in 2014, but not before putting into motion plans for a second rise of the Tonton Macoutes, the very same group his father used to plant terror and kill anyone who opposed the family's iron-fist rule over the impoverished state. 

The top leaders of the Macoutes are all voodoo priests, and have developed a national control apparatus with marked syncretism of Masonic fascism and Afro-Catholicism.

The Tonton Macoutes took their name after a voodoo deity that kidnaps children and eats them for breakfast, with many allegations rampant in Haiti during the Duvalier Era of cannibalism among his religious paramilitary army. The group is alleged to have killed more than 30,000 Haitians, often putting bodies on public display in ways that not even the Islamic State would allow.

Christopher Bernat in his anthropological work writes that the Tonton Macoutes were "brutal implementers of political terror, acting on behalf of the state as informants, extortioners, executioners, and thugs." 

The Christian Science Monitor reported that the Tonton Macoutes had a religious "aura" to their activities, and as history has shown, religious cults are often impossible to destroy, despite the regime that founded and supported them ceasing to exist. 

If Bashar al-Assad's regime in Syria were to collapse, it could not fully crush Alawite syncretism; even if the Islamic State were able to fully occupy all of the Levant for a generation, the religion would survive in the many communities around the world where Alawites congregate. Likewise, the Tonton Macoutes has survived and flourished despite the fall of the Duvalier government.

Killed by CIA-Macoutes?
Since the earthquake which crippled Haiti in 2010, leaving people with nothing to hold on but faith, and with Baby Doc's return the subsequent year, the Tonton Macoutes has silently risen behind the shadows, with reports in the media that it is behind the current instability in the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere.

It appears that the United States is hedging its bets, predicting that a religious paramilitary army, much like in Syria and Libya, is more likely to sustain political and social control on the ground, especially as the Tonton Macoutes has already infiltrated every strata of Haitian society, influencing far more than the necessary 10-15% of the population needed to effectuate a religious coup. 

As Abreu Report has previously reported, cables leaked to Wikileaks detail a conversation between the US Ambassador to the Dominican Republic and the country's at-the-time President, Leonel Fernandez, in which Mr. Fernandez tells the US diplomat that someone tried to assassinate him, and that he believes the same group of people had assassinated the Brazilian general in charge of Minustah, the United Nations' peacekeeping force in Haiti. 

General da Mata Bacellar faced tremendous pressure from the US State Department to conduct offensive raids in Cite Soleil, a stronghold of support for Bertrand Aristide, mortal enemy of the Tonton Macoutes and victim of the US-instigated coup which led for the need to send a UN mission to the country.

General da Mata Bacellar, however, believed that firing weapons and subduing the population of a city was beyond his peacekeeping mandate, and it got him killed. 

The questions asked by the Dominican President to the US Ambassador indicate that he suspected the US government killed General da Mata Bacellar because of his refusal to quash the enemy of the Tonton Macoutes, and in order to prevent Aristide's return, despite Aristide being the democratically-elected former head of state. 

Aristide wanted to raise the minimum wage, but it would have affected the profits of American fashion conglomerates. However, what really resulted in Aristide's overthrow was his attempt to seek reparations from France, Haiti's former colonial master, who charged the former colony an exorbitant emancipation fee in the 1800s.

The French and the Americans know that Aristide still enjoys popular support in Haiti, and that his policies have becomes those of a quasi-martyr, making them the ultimate political goal of many of the country's population. The situation in Syria proves that the United States has no qualms with arming a religious militia with modern weapons, especially when it suits the objectives of American multi-nationals. The first time around, the Tonton Macoutes killed 30,000 Haitians, but this time around they may exterminate far more in order to protect European and American corporate profits.

There are suspicions that Baby Doc faked his own death, conveniently just shortly after he was charged by a Haitian court with a laundry list of offenses, to one day reappear convincing his people that he is a voodoo Loa.

In the same way that top Islamic militants killed by drones reappear after a few years, so may we see Baby Doc return from the netherworld, leading a voodoo army conveniently armed with American weapons from the mortal realm.