Diplomatic Assassin Implicated in Mysterious Death of Taiwanese Envoy

The Dominican Republic has a long history of employing diplomatic assassins, sometimes even in the United States. Jesus Galindez, a student at Columbia University and former associate of the Dominican Dictator Rafael Trujillo Molina, was brutally murdered after Trujillo learned that Galindez' dissertation would be about the Caribbean regime's nepotism, sadism, and monopolizing of every industry in the tropical country. 

The Original diplomatic assassin. AGN
Galindez was allegedly kidnapped and flown to the Dominican Republic, where Trujillo's agents tortured him and his remains fed to sharks. The main suspect in the kidnapping of Galindez was Porfirio Rubirosa, a diplomat famous for his romantic conquests, and who provided inspiration for the character of James Bond. 

Rubirosa had a French education and a power of seduction that some have compared to Houdini's ability to break out of straitjacket. If Houdini's power lay breaking out of places, Rubirosa's power was breaking into the heart and intimate space of any woman. 

This is an art which the Dominican diplomatic army has mastered down to a science since Rubirosa's death, a suspected revenge hit for his involvement in the death of the Columbia student. 

Ramfis Trujillo, son of the dictator and close associate of Rubirosa, also died in a mysterious car accident. The CIA responds to the assassination of an important American citizen or US resident with "proportionate measures."

To prevent retaliation killings, people are no longer mysteriously disappeared; instead they are killed and it is made to look like: a mugging, an accident, or natural causes.

Seduced by her killer?
In 2012, Julia Ou, a Taiwanese envoy to the Dominican Republic, was found stabbed to death in her apartment in Santo Domingo. 

At first the police said that there "no sign of a break-in at the crime scene." The same day, the police changed their story and started saying that "her room appeared to have been ransacked, leading to suspicions that she might have been killed by a burglar who followed her home."

Last year, the Taiwanese government froze its cash flow to the Dominican government because of clear obstruction in face of a very professional, targeted-assassination. The Taiwanese government has pressured the Dominican government to form a special team to look into the death of Ms. Ou, but the police admitted that "the case could be hard to crack because the crime scene had been contaminated and local police were unable to find enough forensic evidence to locate a suspect."

A diplomat is brutally stabbed and there is no forensic evidence? We're talking about a country whose 5th main export is medical equipment; the police were fully capable of thoroughly investigating Ms. Ou's death, but it's apparent to the Taiwanese government that her death has been covered up.  

How did the Dominican government and the country's police force respond to Taiwan's freezing of cash flow? They remained completely silent, in what is perhaps the biggest indication that Ms. Ou was killed by a highly-skilled diplomatic assassin.

Considering the level of silence surrounding Ms. Ou's death, and in light of allegations that she talked about the flow of illegal armaments, I fear that we may witness even more killings by the Dominican diplomatic-industrial-complex.