Did Jeb Bush Ask Justice Scalia to "Fix" It?

The situation continues deteriorating in the United States, with tensions so high that common citizens are becoming fully convinced that their government has been hijacked through political assassination.

The death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is perhaps a harbinger of what the elite have in store for each and every one of us: complete compliance or death.

There is no denying that there has been a cover-up in the death of Justice Scalia, and it is very likely that he was receiving threats against his life which may never be followed up by his security detail because his body has been embalmed and all evidence of poison destroyed.

America needs to ask itself: who benefits from this? Since Justice Scalia was an avowed opponent of President Barack Obama, most Twitter commenters were immediately certain that evidence would point towards Mr. Obama, and indeed it appears that the death of Scalia promises to cement Mr. Obama's legacy in regards to numerous cases which will change the face of America completely for decades to come. 

Nonetheless, it is Jeb Bush that stands the most to gain from this assassination, especially because it was his father -- former CIA drug trafficker George H.W. Bush -- who vetted Scalia and convinced Ronald Reagan to nominate him to the nation's highest court.

If there's one thing core to the Bush family, it's that they demand loyalty from those whom they've "helped" to rise, and Justice Scalia thought, quite mistakenly, that a favor from three decades ago wouldn't be called up indefinitely by the heads of the Skull and Bones crime mafia.

Problem fixed?
Before it was even publicly announced that a replacement judge with a dubious past had turned down an autopsy for Justice Scalia over the phone, and before it was announced that he was found with a pillow over his head, Abreu Report had the scoop on the ground, and we could smell from a distance that there  would be a cover-up.
As the mourning period for the man who was last week the most powerful conservative judge in America commences, no one will ask themselves if Justice Scalia had turned down a "request" from the Bush family to help Jeb "fix" some "electoral issues," much  like the court did in 2000 with Jeb's more politically-successful sibling. 

Justice Scalia had a moral code and a conscience, and he was ready to reveal the occult, diabolical machinations that the Bush family wants to continue unleashing against America and the world.

Scalia paid the highest price for deciding that it was time to end the Bush dynasty.