Scalia Was Murdered, and the State of Texas Just Destroyed all the Evidence

The Washington Post has reported that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia's body has already been embalmed, even while a Texan justice of the peace said she would have "ordered" an autopsy. The Post wrote that Juanita Bishop, a justice of the peace in Presidio, Texas would have demanded an autopsy because if it had been her, she would "want to know," further adding that "they said he [Scalia] was good one minute and the next minute he’s dead."

NPR has reported that it was Judge Juanita Bishop who would have had jurisdiction over Scalia's autopsy, but she was indisposed because of a "work-related event."

Abreu Report was the first to break the news yesterday that Scalia was the victim of foul play, a claim which can now never be confirmed nor denied. If it's one thing our readers can deduce from our years of publishing, it's that we don't take risks with news that can be debunked.

Abreu Report doesn't normally cover breaking events, but we felt necessary yesterday to publish the news that a cover-up was about to take place in the death of one of the most powerful men in the free world. 

Even as our source in Texas told us that it was impossible for authorities and an ambulance and hospital officials and a coroner and a justice of the peace to determine what exactly had happened to Scalia, the corporate media already had a pre-packaged narrative.

Our source tells us that an agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation -- the United States' domestic security agency -- immediately suspected foul play and was going to investigate whether Justice Scalia was murdered using ricin, a poison produced from the seeds of the castor plant and made famous in the television series Breaking Bad potassium chloride [source update.]

Those FBI plans have now been fully thwarted, and the killers of Justice Scalia will be able to walk with impunity, knowing that all evidence of their crime against the people of the United States has been destroyed. 

Justice of the peace Cinderella Guevara is a woman with a problematic history, who believes that "powerful Anglos" don't take "kindly to Mexican-Americans seeking social and political change;" and she has now become the facilitator in the most significant political assassination to take place in America this century.  

This is not the first time that Judge Guevara has been implicated in hampering an investigation into the death of a respectable American. 

In 2014 she was asked, by the parents of Melaney, a girl thought to have committed suicide, if she was even aware of what she had done to hamper an investigation into her death. Her parents asked: "with all due respect, Judge, how do you know she wasn't already dead when she was hit by the train?"

Who killed Melaney?
The Daily Kos reported in regards to the investigation obstructed by Judge Guevara that Melaney's parents were told by Union Pacific Railroad that the company would have paid for her autopsy "if they had known an autopsy had not been ordered." 

Melaney's parents, not knowing that an autopsy had not been demanded, told the Daily Kos that they also would have paid for one if they had been aware one was not ordered despite overwhelming evidence that Melaney was not suicidal. 

Melaney's parents wrote a letter to Big Bend News, telling the Texan paper that Judge Guevara had defended her hampering of the investigation into their daughter's death in saying: 

"I told you I asked God to give me an answer in the video as to whether this was suicide or not.  I told you He didn’t give me that answer.  But He did give me another answer, and that was that, yes, this was a tragedy, but the true tragedy was that she died without accepting Jesus Christ as her savior.

In the past, Ms. Guevara has said that "to some of the ranching people, Mexicans were no more valuable than cattle" and that she knows this from talking to her husband.

It's pretty clear that Judge Guevara is a conflicted woman who is willing to destroy investigations into the death of individuals; she was chosen for a reason. According to USA Today, "embalming is required by Texas law before a body can be transported out of state," and Judge Guevara declared Justice Scalia dead over the phone, making the place ideal for poisoning a controversial political figure.

Judge Guevara declared Justice Scalia dead over the phone at the behest of  Sheriff Danny Dominguez, whose office has a history of harassment and could have been easily blackmailed. Justice Scalia was found with a pillow over his head! The man had a pillow over his head and a judge accepted over the phone that it was natural causes.

One thing is certain in this whole affair: only someone with extreme influence in Texas could have caused all this to happen. We can safely say that something is "rotten in the state of Texas."