15 Spanish Police Officers Injured by CIA-backed Groups

Police in Madrid arrested 6 Spanish nationals of Dominican descent after a massive brawl allegedly sparked after an undercover police officer asked two individuals drinking on his car to "get off!"
Bats, bottles, and a score hospitalized. El Nuevo Diario

According to the undercover police officer, he was immediately and without explanation sliced across the top of the head with a bottle by one of the individuals, causing a deep gash. The undercover officer, who had been drinking in a bar with colleagues before meeting the two Dominicans drinking on his car, yelled for help from his four colleagues, but they were no match for the Dominicans.

They soon found themselves being brutally kicked on the floor, by which point uniformed units began making their way to the incident, but not before another group of Dominicans armed with baseball bats arrived to spice up the brawl.

Multiple units arrived, with 10 uniformed officers sustaining injuries before additional units managed to arrest the six Dominicans.
In another incident also this past weekend, 200 -- yes, 200 -- gang members belonging to The Ă‘etas, The Latin Kings, and The Trinitarios took part in a brawl that left one dead and another stabbed in critical condition.

One has to wonder how it was that criminal gangs founded in the United States made their way to Spain, and now maintain near-absolute control of the drug trade in many parts of the country, employing levels of coordinated brutality which the native Gypsy and Moroccan gangs were completely unprepared to confront.

These gangs operate on a quasi-religious level, and are infiltrated at the top by international intelligence agencies. Although these intelligence agents have had the capability to bring down the leadership of these gangs since their inception, they prefer to train and arm them in order to create a state of tension in the population.

The intelligence agencies not only profit financially from the drug trade, but use these groups as leverage against politicians.

Spain currently can't form a government, and there's nothing like fear of foreign proto-armies dueling on the streets to whip the population into a state of fear and panic. While the 2004 false-flag terrorist attacks against the Madrid train system were immediately revealed to be a plot by the conservative party, this time around the people won't be able to see the lies because the threat is presented as not just probable, as is the case with Islamic terrorism, but certain, and on a nightly basis. 

The fear that these US-trained and US-backed groups could destabilize Spanish society may just give the conservative party the ability to form a government, in order to continue usurping the rights of the people and feeding the corporate state.