Israel's Mossad Suspected of Sabotaging Italian Jet

In the 1970s, Israel considered anyone who had relationships with certain Arab nations to be a target liable for any sort of reprisals.
Government cover-up of Israeli sabotage
The Mossad has in the past shot down jets for reasons never revealed to the public. Venetian Judge Carlo Mastelloni ruled that the downfall of Argo 16 -- code name for an Italian jet carrying intelligence officers -- was direct sabotage by the Mossad.

On the 23 of November, 1973, Argo 16 exploded over Marghera, killing all passengers onboard. Judge Mastelloni fingered General Zvi Zamir of the Mossad as the prime suspect behind the downing of the jet, something which was completely buried by the corporate media.
Prime suspect! Gen. Zamir

Just before the Mossad blew up Argo 16, Italy had decided to send 4 suspected terrorists to Colonel Qaddafi in Libya, causing extreme displeasure in Israel. According to General Ambrogio Viviani, the downing of Argo 16 was Israel's "revenge for Italy's pro-Arab policy."

The sabotage of Argo 16 was covered-up by the Italian government, and classified as an accident for an extended period of time. Today, Israel is still willing to shoot down a jet by anyone who collaborates with a government that it displeases, creating global tension that could lead to  military escalation in the Middle East, inadvertently sparking World War III.