Catholic Priest Has Evidence of Planes Departing from Vieques Island in Puerto Rico to Modify Latin America's Weather

His Reverence Father Rogelio Cruz informed the largest-circulation daily in the Caribbean that the United States, Israel, and Canada are working in conjunction to modify the weather in Latin America, exacerbating the current drought affecting the region, which has in just the past six months doubled the level of hunger in famished Haiti.
Warns of eugenicist plot. DD

According to Father Rogelio, the current drought afflicting Latin America is part of a plan by the US, Canada, and Israel to depopulate not just the region, but the entire world; a plan that's been developed until the year 2030. 

According to Father Rogelio, an agricultural pilot in his trust confided in him that a study was conducted 8 months ago showing that the drought was being caused by foreign powers and not nature. 

This weather modification scheme is, according to Father Rogelio, based out of the island of Vieques, where the United States maintained a strong naval presence until local protest forced a closure of the base.

Father Rogelio delivered this information during the Easter sermon, and will likely arouse old anger over the US military occupation of Vieques. It also will likely arouse suspicion in the Dominican Republic, where the media has in the past discussed Operation Popeye, a military operation to extend the monsoon season in order to derail Vietcong guerrillas during the Vietnam War.

Operation Popeye was a full-blown success, but it accomplished the opposite of what Father Rogelio suggests is taking place. Nonetheless, it proves that there is a very real possibility that a foreign power could modify the weather as part of a warfare strategy.