"Independent Journalist" Among Belgium Terror Suspects; The Crackdown is Coming!

Justification for crackdown on journalists
A source for the Associated Free Press has learned that Fay├žal Cheffou, one of the alleged suicide bombers whose device failed to detonate and who now stands accused in the latest attacks to be written into the generational saga that is the World War on Terror, was supposedly an independent journalist who was once accused of defending the rights of asylum seekers and of trying to recruit suicide bombers from their ranks. 

According the media in Belgium, Mr. Cheffou "is the man pictured wearing a distinctive white coat and hat alongside suicide bombers Najim Laachraoui and Brahim el-Bakraoui in the departures terminal."

Mr. Cheffou was with two other people when he was arrested, but apparently they are not a big enough threat to be kept incarcerated and have since been released. 

A search of Mr. Cheffou's home yielded no weapons or traces of explosive devices, but testimony from a taxi driver places him with the suicide bombers, thus meaning that the prosecution can make a good case against him. 

Mr. Cheffou may have taken part in the bombings, or he may be a patsy, one conveniently an advocate for asylum seekers and an "independent journalist."

One thing is certain, it will be a long time before Mr. Cheffou is either acquitted or convicted, and during that time the local intelligence agencies, the AIVD and DGSE, will be working overtime to build profiles on other individuals who have recorded Youtube videos advocating for certain causes, who call themselves independent journalists, and who perhaps don't believe that Muslim hands are behind every terrorist attack. 

We may soon see that websites arguing that an event could have been a false-flag attack get shut down by the governments here in the Low Countries, perpetuating the pattern of incremental tyranny that continuously erodes our free speech rights.