Israeli Government Secretly Relocating Indian Jews to Occupied Palestinian Territory

The large-circulation Israeli daily Haaretz is reporting that the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been secretly relocating individuals from the Indian Sub-continent to settlements in the West Bank. 

Haaretz further reported that Israel is bringing in Indians who are "not considered Jewish by law" with the objective of converting them. This relocation is controversial not only because Indian law forbids religious conversion on its soil, but also because these Indian nationals are being given priority over Ethiopian Jews, who often complain of suffering discrimination in Israel. 

Further, and perhaps more worryingly for the stability of Israel, these Indian nationals have in the past been sent to live "in Jewish settlements outside Israel's internationally recognized border."

Haaretz also complained that the government suspended plans to bring 9,000 Ethiopians who had been previously forced to convert to Christianity. These Ethiopians of Jewish descent were forced to re-convert to Judaism upon arrival in Israel, in a futile approach that made the Netanyahu government still doubt their loyalty.

Ksenia Svetlova, an opposition member of the Knesset, Israel's parliament, wrote a letter complaining that this secret relocation plan by the Netanyahu government was taking place "out of public eye," and involving people whose Jewishness was not established by law. 
Mr. Freund plans to change Jewish law. Freund

Michael Freund, a US-born former aide to Mr. Netanyahu, is currently responsible for the relocation of individuals from the Indian Sub-continent to Palestinian occupied territory, with his place of birth adding fuel to an already suspicious case of obvious arson. 

According to Mr. Freund's organization, the Indian Jews are "one of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel who were exiled by the Assyrian empire more than 2,700 years ago," thus meaning that they have more rights under Israeli law than the Palestinians in the occupied territory where they are being secretly embedded. 

Mr. Freund has in the past stated that his objective is to relocate every single Jew in India to Israel, even if they are Gentiles by law, something which he wants to accomplish "as quickly as possible."