Corporate Media Confirms: Rudy Giuliani's Party Linked to Bombings

The corporate media is reporting that Angel Rodriguez, the son of a high-ranking member of the Modern Revolutionary Party, a party for which Rudy Giuliani is security advisor, was arrested with three bombs in his backpack.
Father's identity withheld. DL

According to Diario Libre, a large-circulation daily in the Caribbean, Mr. Rodriguez launched three explosive devices towards the headquarters of the governing party. The police are currently withholding the identity of his father, as the terrorism investigation is ongoing. 

As Abreu Report wrote on the 3rd of March, Rudy Giuliani's entry into Caribbean politics plunged the Dominican Republic into near chaos:

"Since Mr. Giuliani's arrival in Dominican politics, the level of tension has increased astronomically, and members of the Movimiento Rebelde [rebel movement] allied with the Modern Revolutionary Party [the Giulianistas] are now openly organizing masses of people to descend upon the country's Presidential Palace, something which could lead to a direct collapse of the government's ability to rule over the country, causing anarchy throughout the Caribbean and potentially setting off a Civil War."

Although the corporate media nor the authorities had the guts to call a spade a spade, on the 5th of March we were already certain that the evidence hinted towards involvement by the Giulianistas in the bombings afflicting the country, and we wrote: "In the decade and a half since Mr. Giuliani's cohorts orchestrated the largest terrorist attack in American history, the group's tactics have evolved. Like Operation Gladio, the Dominican people are now being subjected to a strategy of tension, with frequent, small-scale bombings causing pandemonium and fear, thereby incrementally delegitimizing the government."

Even when the authorities were lying and still saying that the bombings could have been accidents, we had already written the obvious: that Rudy Giuliani would rain down a series of micro-9/11s on an unsuspecting populace in order to consolidate political power in the fastest-growing economy in Latin America. 

Just a few months ago, inmates in the Dominican Republic were given the right to vote from inside of prison, and it wasn't long before a suspicious cholera outbreak started swaying the prisoners towards promises by the Giulianistas. There can be no doubt now that the Giulianistas are indeed linked to the weaponized cholera which is currently raging in Haiti, and at this stage we can only hope that cholera is still as difficult to release on a city-wide scale as it was when Soviet scientists tried to weaponize it.