MK-ULTRA at Yale: How America's Cognitive Elite is Conditioned into Compliance

In the decades since the Central Intelligence Agency secretly doled out LSD to unwitting victims, the government's tools for mass social control have evolved beyond Machiavellian dimensions. Many college students today are hooked on a cocktail of brain-enhancing and mood-altering drugs which allow them to function at the politically-correct level required by the governing elite. 

At Yale, actual CIA agents -- recruited before graduation -- control the tone of speech. There is no conversation on campus in which they do not take part, thus making them the most powerful tool in silencing political dissent in the factory of American technocrats.

Drug use is heavily promoted on today's college campuses, with estimates that nearly one third of Yale students use Adderall, a drug which allows them to work through nights. There were students who not only promoted the use of these "smart" drugs, but there were those who were profiting quite handsomely from the illegal drug trade, with some dealers allegedly connected to the CIA. There were many times when I had to turn down offers from drugs which would help me boost my grade point average or to just simply conform to the culture of silence and subservience to secrecy.

A student who does not comply with campus culture, with silence, gets his drug supply cut off. I dedicated my time at Yale to asking for a new investigation into the attacks of September the 11th in order to clarify if Al-Qaeda may have had help from a government other than the Taliban, and I witnessed directly in action how someone who was using Adderall had his supply cut off after contributing to my website at the time. Students who don't have a medical subscription to these "smart" drugs know that if they start asking questions or poking around, that it won't be too hard to make them feel physical pain before they are fed to the hyenas.

Potential dissidents are, of course, spotted and supplied early on by the campus pushers, and thereafter the process of attack takes a psychological/reward route. Students who cooperate with the upper directives are rewarded with being tapped into one of the numerous secret societies at Yale. 

The editor of the Yale Daily News could get himself tapped into Scroll & Key by allowing the printing of a series of articles which lightly shake the status quo, but in reality he's merely waiting for the right person to ask him to stop printing the articles. A newspaper editor who does favors and stops printing certain stories is one that gets far; this happened during my time at Yale, and once I published an article showing how the United States was turning into a police state, the entire tone of the newspaper changed: other columnists suddenly started talking about the obscene incarceration rate in the United States. 

My article, "Making US a Police State Would Lower Health Care, Prevent National Disaster," was also one of the last articles the Yale Daily News published completely making what was then a wild accusation, that the United States had adopted a draconian tone, but now this is undeniable by anyone who reads the news or has lived in another wealthy, developed democracy.

Once the establishment learned that a master deprogrammer was in their midst, popping minds open like a soda can, the newspaper started focusing on the power of words. 

Nearly a decade later, and the mere scribbling of a specific word can cause panic attacks in some Yale students, breakdowns which may require psychological counseling. When I was at Yale, I learned about Hurricane Katrina nearly a week after it happened, as it was something no one spoke about; it was an incident that shook me to the core and was the main reason why I made it my mission to read at least 200 news articles a day. More than half a million articles later, and I have been fully desensitized to any word. I could with absolute coolness write something so obscene in Portuguese and so disturbing in Spanish that it could make a grown adult vomit in Dutch.

To go from not knowing what was going on outside of the ivory gates to reading about every single government crime, massacre, secret program, most prominent police killings, every single conflict around the world, etc. was something traumatic at first, as should be the case for most human beings when exposed to voluminous, never-ending amounts of horrifying information.

Most people would naturally not want to bombard themselves with a constant stream of bad news, and by making this task even more difficult, the planners at the CIA who hand down their directives to the seniors in the secret societies, who are also the editors of the newspapers, have made it utterly impossible for the average college student to handle "traumatic" news.

If I were to describe American college culture and its peculiar dialect to a foreigner, I would stress that the culture gives more power to words than to actions. A politician in the United States could punch a black man, breaking his nose, and he could recover from this to continue a normal, public life. However, the use of the word "nigger" would mean that this politician, even if he were Trump, could face such intense backlash that his rallies would become veritable warzones. 

Newspaper editors in Scroll and Key with friends in the CIA don't select which stories to run just by the newsworthiness of the story but rather because they promote the government agenda, one in which the people need to give more power to certain words than to horrific actions, to war crimes which cannot even be described in the public discourse.

What started out as experiments with LSD on unsuspecting individuals has evolved to become a comprehensive cultural program involving a vast array of brain enhancing drugs, anti-depressants, and psychologists trained in confirming that created verbal trauma is worthy of medication, thereby creating life-long changes in developing brains. 

We are now faced with a generation that has suffered permanent brain damage, and that damage has been geared by highly-skilled secret society actors towards disrupting a person's ability to process certain pre-implanted words and ideas. Victims of the pharmaceutical-intelligence complex are very often handicapped, unable to deal with daily situations which expose them to the pre-implanted words which can revive their trauma. 
A traumatized elite in a country at war for nearly two decades. Blair

During times of crisis for the government, verbal trauma is manufactured to not only distract the masses, but to literally make it painful for them to concentrate on anything but the damage done to them by certain words or ideas. When the wealthiest, most sheltered women in the world consider themselves "survivors" and are absolutely convinced that a monolithic, sexist conspiracy exists to rape them even inside of the ivory towers, there is no possibility for unity with the males on a common cause. 

Every single word or incident, even if later proven to be false, merely reconfirms the belief in this sexist conspiracy theory, and the scary power of conspiracy theories is that once people believe them, it is extremely difficult to break that belief, especially considering the cerebral trauma that most members of the cognitive elite now suffer from which makes them especially susceptible to rumors and conspiracies, as can be evidenced by the astronomical rise of Alex Jones, Donald Trump, and this website. 

To the planners at the CIA, the brain is but a computer and agents are programmers whose objective is to install a firewall in unsuspecting visitors. This firewall cause the hippocampus to go into overdrive when a virus, an offensive word or idea, is presented. The manipulation is mechanical, it is precise, and it is methodically predictable: we're nothing but machines to be manipulated as part of a   monumentally ruthless scheme. 

By: JM Abreu