Donald Trump, European Refugee Crisis: Good for the Dominican Republic

Europe, a continent of 745 million people, is currently buckling under a rising wave of right-wing extremism and xenophobia; stemming from the million refugees with brown skin that have arrived on its shores. 

The system of free borders which made the European Union a fantastic experiment is now in shambles, and all the hypocrisy of European leaders who chastised the Dominican Republic for eliminating birth-right citizenship is now plainly evident, as a surging wave of neo-Nazism takes over the continent and threatens to break the Eurozone into smithereens. 

Refugees stuck in Greece face the prospect of confrontation with neo-Nazi groups. © Abreu Report
The Dominican Republic, a country of 10 million souls, has been the victim of a targeted international campaign by globalist super-statists who seek to grow not only the European Union, but also the Caribbean Community, even if it means the complete destruction of the Dominican people's Duartenian heritage. 

When Abreu Report first debuted on the internet half a decade ago, many of our readers told us that we were overly pessimistic about the human condition, that people were ultimately welcoming and open, that we needed to tone down my rhetoric predicting complete chaos. 

Those readers no longer write to Abreu Report telling us that we need to tone down our rhetoric; largely because most of our predictions have already come true.

In November of 2013, in our article -- The Rise of the Dominican Far-Right -- we wrote:

"Dominicans are master observers, and they can see that any decision they take towards Haitians will be supported by the Republican party in the United States Congress... The expert political opinion in Washington these days is that a good crisis should never be wasted, and the Dominicans have calculated that Washington is impotent when it comes to criticizing Dominican immigration policy.

The European Union finds itself overwhelmed by Marine Le Pen in France, Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, Golden Dawn in Greece, and Fronte Nazionale in Italy. The French and Dutch are cooperating, but in forming a European-wide far-right party, and in legitimizing extremism in the European Parliament.

[Dominican] President Danilo Medina has promised to find a 'human solution' to this problem, but we've yet to see his master plan. It seems that he himself is also observing, calculating which route to take. President Medina is surprisingly flexible, and how he handles this crisis will largely depend on the international community. If there are no mass protests, if there is no condemnation from the international community, then he will not act."

The Dominican Republic not only went from international pariah to tourism paradise within the span of two years, it now maintains the international moral high-ground. The truth is, the mere passing of a law was enough to encourage 70,000 undocumented Haitians to leave the Dominican Republic within the first two months of the legislation going into effect. 

Over the past 8 months, the Dominican Republic has deported 21,100 individuals to India, Peru, France, Colombia, Finland, and many other nations, but mostly to Haiti. There is no longer stern criticism from the Western media because the Dominican Republic has far more humane policies than any Eastern European country, and astronomically more sensible laws than those proposed by US conservative presidential front-runner, Donald Trump.

A poor country of 10 million people was being forced by a virulent international media campaign to accept a million individuals who could only contribute manual labor, but now that a million poor, manual laborers have arrived on European shores, the Western media's genocidal, hypocritical, supremacist and paternalistic intentions become embarrassingly apparent.

The European and North American media were projecting onto the Dominican Republic, largely because most Western writers express their own fears and concerns when covering a story. If a million Haitians showed up where any of those writers live, extermination would be the main thought on their minds, and they presumed Dominicans were likewise genocidal.