Terror Attack Against Ferry Imminent in Aegean Sea

One of our editors went undercover on a ferry departing from the Turkey resort area of Gumbet on the Aegean Sea, and the security gaps which he saw left him completely dismayed and unwilling to once again ride a ferry from Greece to Turkey, or vice versa.

Zero supervision. © Abreu Report
Bags are not scanned when boarding from Turkey, and security is minimal; an Islamic State terrorist could easily pack a powerful bomb in his luggage and it would never be detected.

Scarier even is the fact that the bathrooms on the ferry are not checked for leftover items in-between new departures; any maniac could leave something hidden in a garbage can.

Our editor placed a suspicious device on top of the electrical box in the sub-basement on the 8pm ferry, and it was still there when he took the same ferry at 4pm. A terrorist doesn't even have to risk his own life to take the lives of hundreds of travelers.

On his return from Greece, our editor did not notice an x-ray scanner, just a simple metal detector. It should also be noted that it's completely possible to buy countless bottles of hard liquor at the duty free zone, liquid which could be easily poured over an unsupervised electrical switch box, starting an electrical fire that could sink the ship and kill everyone on-board.

Not only that, broken liquor bottles could be easily used by a group of assailants to wildly stab and slash the control crew as a fire rages underneath, fully incapacitating the entire vessel.
Mass-casualty boat attack imminent?

A simple match and a bottle of hard liquor is all it could potentially take to kill dozens of Westerners. Our editor interviewed some refugees who arrived in Greece using fake documents, highlighting the precarious security situation on Greece's ferries.

As Europe's system of open border collapses and more disenchanted youths find themselves trapped in Greece, unable to reach their dreams in Northern Europe, Islamic State recruiters will find fertile recruiting ground from which to find someone willing to blow up a ferry with hundreds of innocent souls on-board. A mass-casualty terror attack has never been more likely in European waters.