How the US Embassy in the Netherlands Helped Me Realize that My Yale Degree Meant I Was Still Nothing but a Nigger

A US citizen with a Yale degree is the victim of a crime; his passport is stolen. I'm a dual citizen, and I lost my Dominican passport in Arizona about 10 years ago, so I know what it is like to be treated decently and without suspicion. This is in contrast to the horrendous and abominable treatment I received when I went to report the theft of my US passport at the US Embassy in Amsterdam. 

There was this fat cunt there whose English was accented, perhaps Australian, and she tells me that the Dutch deport people. I tell her that my mom is a Dutch citizen, and that fucking bitch says to me, "Yes, but you're not Dutch, you're American." I am only an impolite tough guy on the internet, so I just failed to mention to that fat cunt that I have three lawyers and that I don't need any fucking unsolicited legal counsel from her.

I should mention that I changed my name in college, but is that relevant to me being the victim of passport theft? That fat cunt then says to me that the US Ambassador wants to asks me a couple of questions before I get a new passport. 
Not the same cock-taking, light-skinned nigger. WKM

Some light-skinned nigger who I can't find on the embassy website and clearly was not the US Ambassador comes and looks at me with an unsmiling face that screamed, "I was just taking cock up the ass and you interrupted that."

He then asked me: "Why did you change your name?"

I should mention that that lowlife, cock-sucking nigger is a very bad poker player, and it was very clear that he was suspicious and asking the question because he thought I had changed my name for criminal purposes. 

I told him, "I had an identity crisis," borrowing a page from that house nigger Barack Obama. I did it with such speed that the cocksucker didn't know how to flinch properly, I guess he was expecting a weak story-teller as opposed to a Dominican guy who studies the professional bullshit US politicians spew.

So let this be a warning to all of you other brown American guys traveling the world: try not to be the victim of a crime, otherwise some cock-sucking government official behind bulletproof glass who may or may not be the US Ambassador will treat you like a criminal, while his fat Australian cunt reminds you that your mom abandoned you.