Yet Another Refugee Raped in Dutch Detention

"My baby was crying and I needed milk, I didn't think to grab my legitimation device when I hopped on my bicycle and went to the supermarket. I turned on the white light in the front, and I also vividly remember turning on the red light on the back of my bike, but it must have failed me when I got to the supermarket. The police has an anti-terrorism checkpoint there, and when I pulled up, 10 police officers jumped on me, telling me that I did not have a working rear light. They asked me for my legitimation device, but I didn't have my wallet, so they took me in to prison," Abdullah wrote to Abreu Report.
The uncompromising arm of Dutch law. © Abreu Report

"The security here in the immigration camps is not very good. You have criminals from all over the world, even killers waiting to be deported. They dump you there and you basically have to survive, I was attacked my first night in detention," Abdullah wrote before horrifically detailing the attack against him, and attack which he claims authorities failed to report.

"I was sleeping, this man came and hit me with the elbow over the throat, I started choking, then he grabbed my arm and ripped at my shoulder, turned me around and pulled down my trousers. I'm too embarrassed to say what he did next, but I just want to kill myself thinking about it," he said. 

"I was very afraid of the guy, so I did not say anything the first time. He kept at it, and did it a second, and a third time, each time choking me to the point where I thought I would be strangled to death at any point. I lost consciousness half-way through the abuse each time," he recalled.

"Before the fourth attack I decided to report it to the guards, but they did nothing. Nothing! I spent a week in hell. It was the worse time of my life. I am afraid to ride a bicycle now. I haven't left my house in two weeks, this has destroyed my personality," he ended.