100 Years After American Invasion, a New Form of Imperialism Attacks the Dominican Republic

E-mail to the Editor:

The Dominican Republic is a small, conservative Catholic country where abortion is illegal and gay marriage unthinkable, that was until the US Ambassador came along, deciding to provoke the entire island.

Ambassador Wally Brewster may be an alright guy, but I think it was unacceptable of him to marry his partner before being appointed to his position in a Catholic country, and it indicates that he clearly wanted to make a political point: he wanted to attack the country's high rate of unwed, teenage pregnancy.

In some Dominican hospitals, 90% of new births are to unwed teenage mothers, but now people turn on their televisions and they see a married homosexual without children, and it sends them the very clear message that having a child at a young age with a member of the opposite sex is inappropriate or not the best route in life. 

As I mentioned earlier, the Dominican Republic is a small country, with a population of 10 million that is is only projected to grow to 12 million before beginning a Japan-like terminal decline. Before the 2020s are out, there will be more tourists on the island than citizens, it's simply a threat to our demographic stability to legalize abortion and gay marriage when the country could end up like Japan, with only old people and tourists.

Even if a Dominican person is gay, I don't think they should marry a gay because of the demographic problems faced by the country. I think we could see the end of Dominican culture if abortion and gay marriage are legalized. 

By: Mario Jesus de la Cruz