President Recep Tayyip Erdogan: The Most Corrupt Cunt in Eurasia

We ran into some legal troubles last year after dissing a cop who snitched on us, but that's not why we discontinued our Cunt-of-The-Week section.

We simply started being featured in the global corporate media and decided to go legit, know what I'm saying? We developed a social conscience since we are now a voice with global influence; we no longer attack the big guys in our 'hood, since they're small fish on the global battle ring.

We had some articles attacking individual police officers, rival publications, retired diplomats, and even bars [we had to stab our way to the the top,] but those have all been taken down due to the fact that we're no longer just a neighborhood blog... for some reason an insane number of people are now reading this in the Dominican Republic, New York, Taiwan, Switzerland, Texas, and Togo.
Tops ISIS oil smuggler. Arabisouri

We like to provide our massive audience with the best possible news to start the day, but some mornings we just feel like having a beer, turning on our volcano, and letting all our frustration explode on the internet.

Our frustration this morning shall not be drunkenly directed at our rowboat or that asshole Belgian guy who always, always goes into the water at 6am too; like seriously, don't they have canals in Belgium where you can go and stay out of our way every goddamned morning? Anyway, I digress, time to get back on topic... that Cunt Erdogan. 

Just off the top of my head, here's why that Cunt Erdogan is the most corrupt cunt in Eurasia: 

1) Cunt Erdogan benefits from ISIS blood oil smuggling. His son ships it to Malta and they both potentially masturbate together over the piles of money. 

2) He steals newspapers. If Cunt Erdogan doesn't like what people are writing, he steals their publication and begins writing propaganda to hide the fact that he has a micropenis which is as alive as the Ottoman Empire. 

3) He kills Kurds. That Cunt Erdogan has a Byzantine complex and wants to regain perceived lost glory, for that reason he bombs Iraq and Syria, taking out the best opposition to the Islamic State. 

4) He sends refugees to their deaths. Cunt Erdogan is busy deporting people back to Syria and Afghanistan, where they face the risk of death, thereby making him executioner by proxy. 

5) He blackmails the European Union. The Cunt Erdogan needs a few billion euros, so he promises to take back refugees and prevent them from flooding Europe. All empty promises, the cunt is a pathological liar. 

6) He tortures journalists. After he steals your newspaper, Cunt Erdogan will probably also try to lock you up, where you will be tortured using Byzantine tactics. 

7) He arms ISIS. The MIT, Turkey's intelligence agency, was caught red-handed trafficking arms into Syria, but Cunt Erdogan decided that it was best to just steal a newspaper rather than ceasing the beefing up of terrorist stockpiles.

8) He backs the Grey Wolves, a known terrorist group. Need a false flag attack to justify cracking down on the Kurds? The Grey Wolves will be there to help that Cunt Erdogan. 

9) He's an Islamofascist. Turkey was known for its adherence to secularism until that Cunt Erdogan came along and started bringing religion into every single fucking state function. 

10) People think he is the Antichrist. Cunt Erdogan is so villainous and putrid that certain people are now convinced that the Antichrist walks the Earth, and that he is personified in the person of Cunt Erdogan.