Dominican Genetics Researcher: "I Think It's Racist of Americans to Apply the One-Drop Rule of African Ancestry to Dominicans."

Yes, let's take it there: Dominicans are not black... they are in fact the original Hispanics. I repeat, the original "Hispanics."

At the center of Dominican history are the Taínos, Spaniards, Africans and the Cibao culture, which was founded by families from the Canary Islands. These families were colonized and enslaved just like their future counterparts; which consisted of Spanish/European, North African, Mediterranean, West African and Levantine peoples.

These Canary Island families were the largest group which made up the Dominicans and mulattoes not of Sub-Saharan African origin. They were brought there to repopulate the Spanish side of the Island.

Sir Francis Drake stated that all the Taínos were wiped out before their arrival. However, I beg to differ. I highly doubt that Sir Francis Drake scoured the entire Island for Taínos in the mountains. Where their descendants can still be found to this day. Yes, there are many dark-skinned Dominicans, as well as brown and white.

However, that doesn't mean that you can strip Dominicans of their history or culture because of some one-drop rule that comes from the racist United States. Americans calling Dominicans racist is an oxymoron.

They use holier than thou language, but I have seen racism in America from people of all colors. So they can kick rocks with their tall tales. They keep writing articles about "colorism" in Dominican homes and "mejorar la raza" and blah blah blah... As if blacks, whites and Jews don't want their kids to marry people within their culture and peoples. As if colorism is exclusive to Dominicans.

How do I know this? Because they have told me themselves. What hypocrisy, especially knowing how tight-knit Dominicans are. According to a 2015 genealogical DNA testing, the average Dominican is 52% European; outweighing African and Indigenous percentages even among dark-skinned Dominicans.

While mtDNA is mostly comprised of African women -- which fits the historical narrative I mentioned before -- the Canary Island families were the common Dominican "trunk."

Over time, through mixing, the DNA ratios will keep changing, especially with the millions of Haitian immigrants now living among Dominicans.

Considering the new Afro-Latino movement which tries to hide its Canary origins -- which is hilarious to me because where do they think their language comes from?

It isn't "Spanish," it's Canary Island Spanish with Taino slang. 15% percent of all Dominicans carry rare Taino genes that are only found in the Dominican Republic. They always make mention of a high percentage of African mtDNA, neglecting to mention the fact that 15% descend from a strict Taino line of women.

A self-hating Dominican "negro" © Abreu Report
They also conveniently discard the fact that not all African DNA is from West Africa, as the E1B1B haplography is a well known North African genetic marker, frequently found in Caucasian Mediterranean and Berber peoples.

The Berbers are the closest known relatives to the Canary Islanders, where haplogroups H and U6 are frequent. Looking at a recent Dominican mtDNA spreadsheets only proved my point as I saw the Taino and Canary signatures among the West African ones, which are still more significant.

Still, I am not here to provide biased information. Dominicans are a mixed people, regardless of their skin color, despite the Haitians killing off most of the white and mulatto Dominican population during their 22-year occupation of the Eastern side of Hispaniola.

Further withheld is the fact that these Caucasian indigenous Canary Islanders were some of the first slaves on the island and back home, colonized before the Taínos and West Africans arrived.

Here, you have 3 different genetic lines of marginalized women, with 3 different phenotypes. Fascinating... Dominican Y-DNA is mostly European, however we know about the Inquisition and all the dirty secrets that come with it:  relatively little mention of the North African and Levantine influence in our Y-DNA.

Not every Dominican Y is R1B. Dominicans are Dominicans, a hybrid product of the New World. I find it racist of "black" and "white" North American people thinking they can just come in and hijack our people's narrative on the premise of our African DNA.

We have become, perplexingly, some little insignificant anomaly under the wing of North American racial imperialism, one which they can discard whenever they think is appropriate.

Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone is a perfect example of North American racial "bullshit." As Dominicans, we don't have to take crap from anybody. We are the original slaves; of every skin color, our roots are deep!

We are the first people of the New World, and we have suffered enough. We are neither European nor African; we are Dominican.

Those of you have forsaken your Dominicanness and who have lost your pride, may you live forever. We want nothing to do with you. Dominicans of all colors didn't die for our identity so that you could walk into some coffee shop and then exit with new, contrarian rhetoric, spreading sedition and separatism among my people, while trying to erase our, and your, true origins.

However, you can't hide those thick eyebrows and your semi-Caucasian hair, along with the Felipe and Fulano we clearly see in your face. Like, who the hell are you kidding? We are Hispanic, the original Hispanics.

I'm really getting sick and tired of self righteous Latino, African-American and Jewish hack journalists trying to tell us our history in a condescending tone. Who the hell are you!? Who told you that you can talk to us like that!?

By: El Conde