Men Dating Older Women Suffer Discrimination in Europe

I've always been into older women.  I was the 19-year-old kid at Yale dating the 35-year-old Romanian doctor, and it was amazing experience.

I loved how honest she was, and on our first date I took her to this nice vegan restaurant near Old Campus where, upon completion of our meal, I inquired if she would be interested in returning to my dorm room, without specifying that I wanted to engage in some intense acrobatics on my tiny, twin-sized bed.

She declined, telling me she wanted to wait for the second date, saying: "I know what an invitation to your room will lead to."

After the second date she took me to her place, and while we lay there in her bed, hyperventilating from the intense psychical action upon which we had undertaken, she began to inquire as to why I had chosen her and not 50 of the other younger women who were looking at her angrily as we walked about campus.

I told her I wasn't into games and that I'm more straight to the point than my tiny, left-leaning dick. She confessed that she'd consulted her Latina doctor friend before going out on a date with me because she wasn't sure what my intentions were. The Latina doctor told her: "He either wants money, or he wants sex."

It was thus a good thing I paid for the first date and indirectly asked for sex on our way out of the restaurant, so she knew what the game was.

People my age at Yale thought it was weird that I was dating a woman 16 years older than me, but I never got the impression that my peers thought I had ulterior motives; they were certain my singular objective was licking and tapping pussy.

After Yale came Korea and even older women. In Korea I wasn't just a foreigner, I was a teacher, and teachers there are one step below Confucius on the social hierarchy. My Yale degree also meant that I got the fanciest job, in the best part of Gangnam, with the highest salary of all my peers.

When I started dating a 42-year-old teacher from Wisconsin, it was perfectly normal, and even some of the other teachers just graduated from college had tried to hook up with her.
A stereotype worth turning into a movie franchise.

It didn't matter that she was 42 and we were 22, what mattered was that she had a youthful face, could keep up with our drinking, and that we could relate to her. When you're a foreigner in Asia, you quickly come to realize that it's easier to relate to an older woman who speaks your language than to a male your age who doesn't understand you.

I also dated a woman who was a year younger than me in Korea, and if today I can poke fun at my tiny, left-leaning dick on a publication read around the world, you know it's because she was so crass as to use everything against me after our relationship didn't go her way, thus toughening me up. You'd have to be an idiot to get involved with someone who could be so callously blinded by the rage and jealousy of youth as to use your imagined physical imperfections against you.

After that traumatic break-up with a woman who essentially wanted me to kill myself, I left Korea and moved to the continent where my mom is a citizen.

I swore off dating younger women, and in the Netherlands I met this 39-year-old who I thought was perfect in every way, but although the age gap between us was smaller than in my previous relationships, the way in which I was treated when with her couldn't be greater.

Her own best friend told her: "Oh my God, that guy is gonna take all your money!"

During my last two months in Korea, I quit my job and was living off my savings, and that was when I started dating the 42-year-old from Wisconsin. The other female teachers my age asked me what I saw in her, they never dared asked if I was with her so that I could bum off her visa and stay in Korea.

But how deep does the suspicion go when you're a young Dominican guy dating an older woman in Europe? It's so extensive that even the previous older woman who you never asked for money will ask you if you moved in with the next older woman simply to get a Dutch visa.

I love older women, I think younger women can only lead a man with a propensity for vices such as myself astray and into an abyss, but I'm glad I learned what I was into before I came to Europe, because I think that it's simply not worth the headache here for a brown guy to date an older white woman. 

Sometimes, suspicion can outweigh love, and I can safely tell younger brown men that it is a good idea to steer clear of older[looking] European women, for the sake of our own dignity.