Driver of Abreu Report-Backed Candidate Gunned Down After Speaking Out Against New US Army Base

Openly challenged US base construction.
If you clicked on our website over the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed an advert for Pelegrin Castillo of the National Progressive Force [FNP,] the fastest-growing Dominican party. 

Abreu Report was not paid to back the National Progressive Force, we support them because diplomatic cables leaked to Wikileaks prove that they're the only ones not on the take of the Clintons, the Bushes, and their open-border cabal.

According to Diario Libre, the top newspaper in the Caribbean, Lt. Alcibíades Valdez Sánchez, Pelegrin's driver, was brutally shot in an incident that was clearly not a robbery since his weapon was found at the scene. 

People who knew Lieutenant Valdez say it could not have been a personal matter since he was not the type of person to get involved in anything outside of his home, they describe him as a tranquil man. And indeed, the FNP doesn't hire drivers who would make enemies on the street, this was clearly a paid hit, timed to coincide with Pelegrin's trip to New York City.

This is the second death involving a driver for the National Progressive Force, the Dominican Republic's only conservative party willing to stand up to the construction of US Army bases.

Pelegrin is currently in New York where he is meeting to speak against the construction of a new US Army base in the Dominican Republic, and this was clearly a message to him that he better lay off his talk of building a wall and of preventing another army base from being built in a protected environmental area.

The globalists know that if they kill Pelegrin, they create a martyr, but they can make it hard for him to move around and spread his anti-open border message.