He Traveled to New York City to Criticize Construction of Secret New Military Base; CIA Killed His Driver to Cut Visit Short

2016 seems to be the year during which the veneer of leftist globalism and democracy comes down in the Americas, with the fascist elite suspending elections left and right, while intimidating and silencing opponents through assassinations. The rise of Donald Trump has the elite living in fear that their plan for: open borders, sovereignty-eroding free trade agreements, and the destruction of traditional cultures around the world could come undone. 

In much the same way that Washington's military elite pushed the world nearly to the brink of global nuclear Armageddon during the Cuban missile crisis because of a perceived threat in their backyard, so does the Dominican Republic, which functions as an effective satellite of the New York elite, currently face the same level of pressure that Cuba faced during the short years after its successful overthrow of US-backed dictator Fulgencio Batista. 
Forced to cut criticism short. 7dias

Pelegrin Castillo, presidential candidate for the National Progressive Force [FNP,] is no liberal Fidel Castro; he has, if anything, been compared to Donald Trump for his desire to build a wall with Haiti. But if the Republican elite are willing to blatantly cancel elections in the face of a domestic Donald Trump, it stands to reason that the CIA playbook would apply for a similar threat in a quasi-commonwealth, and indeed it has. 

While Mr. Castillo was speaking in New York City to the large Dominican community there, shots rang out in the Caribbean, silencing the life of his loyal driver of more than 2 decades, and this is the not the first time a driver for his family is mysteriously killed by armed assailants. 

Most Dominican muggers operate in pairs of two, with both accomplices on a motorcycle, but whoever attempted to attack Mr. Castillo's driver knew that he was a trained soldier; there were multiple men involved in his killing, they expected him to be armed and ready. 

If Mr. Castillo succeeds in building a wall with Haiti, an extensive number of Dominican conglomerates stand to lose out on cheap Haitian labor, and among those conglomerate heads are friends of the Clinton family

Mr. Trump painted a target on his back by going against the globalist's plans, and so has Mr. Castillo. While Mr. Trump is a US citizen with friends in the CIA, Mr. Castillo walked into enemy turf and was instantly sent a message, even forcing him to leave NYC early and thus limiting the influence of his visit. 

The CIA knows they can't assassinate Mr. Castillo without making him a martyr, but there is a very real fear that another one of his drivers could be suspiciously killed.