Dutch AIVD Agents Busy Cloning Mobile Devices Abroad

The AIVD, the Netherland's intelligence agency, has an extremely large pool of good-looking and law-abiding talent from which to recruit. Abreu Report has learned that the iPad of one of our writers was hacked by two AIVD agents after they very astutely left them with unfettered access to the device.
They'll train someone to hack your phone. WKM

The Dutch team was composed of a mother/daughter duo, with the younger one approaching our writer after they asked someone in the crowd to take their picture. The daughter asked for the password, which our writer found extremely suspicious, since anyone her age should have been able to pop open the camera by swiping up, but he decided it was a good idea since they were on a small island and she had nowhere to run. 

Once our writer confirmed that the "daughter" was herself using an iPhone, and he realized she should have been able to activate the camera without the device's password. Without appearing suspicious, he then began to inquire basic things so we could research if the mother/daughter duo was who they actually claimed to be.

Our writer's trip to Turkey took place some time ago, and in that time Abreu Report has traveled to the small town where the AIVD duo claimed to be from, even showing people to bartenders in the area and after paying someone to ask around town.

Yet we can now safely say that the identity of the two women was a complete cover story, and now it's no longer suspicious that they didn't really look very alike. 

We hired Apple technician to determine if the device had been cloned while in Turkey, and indeed it was. None of the financial data on the device was stolen, so whoever those two women were, they didn't want money.